3 Easy Hacks To Hide Damaged and Split Ends

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3 Easy Hacks To Hide Damaged and Split Ends

Check out the following sure ways you can mask unruly split ends until your next trim appointment.



This technique is extremely easy and requires no rods or tools to master. After twisting or braiding your hair, wrap the end of your hair around another piece of your hair to create a mini loop at the bottom. Continue to wrap in a spiral motion until there is no more hair to wrap. Slide down the wrapped hair to close the mini loop to create the perfect mini loop.




For this technique I recommend using small blue perm rods simply because they will mimic the spiral curl desired. Firstly, you should add an oil such as Shedavi Elixir to your ends. Next, you would wrap your hair around the rod in a spiral & roll method as high as you would like the curl to go. Secure your perm rod and allow to set for at least 2-3 hours. The take down process requires unraveling the rod in the opposite direction at a slow rate to prevent frizz.




The cocoon curl technique is actually a curly variation of the twist out. You can use a step from this method to create curly ends that are larger than the mini spirals from the other techniques listed above. Firstly, fold the end of your twist or braid up and wrap once around your twist.  You will leave the tip of the wrapped hair out and an open loop at the bottom. Using your free finger, pull the tip through the loop tightly to secure the knot without pulling the tip ALL the way through.


 Split ends are no fun but, you don't have to suffer with damaged ends while awaiting your next trims. Keep in mind that daily application of Shedavi Elixir can play a major role maintaining and repairing your ends as well. What are some of your methods to maintain heathy ends?

 Here you go ladies, another hack to keeping your fro fabulous! Keep in mind, this is not a fix for NOT trimming your split ends. Unhealthy ends need to be trimmed so you can keep growing a healthy fro. This hack is just a fix to get you by until you get that needed trim. Which one is your favorite?

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