5 Summer Events, 5 Summer Hairstyles

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5 Summer Events, 5 Summer Hairstyles

Summer is here, and we know you’re ready to get into grilling, swimming, beach days, vacations, etc. We also know, you’ve got to look your best no matter what.

Achieve and maintain healthy, gorgeous hair during the summer season by using high-quality hair care products. This will save you from the potential challenges brought on by sun exposure, humidity, and other environmental factors.

High-quality hair care products, like what we find at Shedavi, are formulated with premium ingredients that cater to the specific needs of textured hair. These products are designed to provide deep hydration, replenish essential nutrients, and protect the hair from the damaging effects of the summer season. The use of natural and nourishing ingredients, such as botanical extracts, vitamins, and plant-based oils, ensures that your hair receives the optimal care it deserves.

Our Recommended Summer Hairstyles for These Summer Events

If it’s one thing you can count on when summer rolls around is quality time with loved ones! Here are some cute summer hairstyles we know you'd love to try. When you do, we’d say you’re in it for the best summer ever.


box braids hairstyle
Photo by : Daniel M Ernst |


Picnic at the Park | Box Braids

Picture this, it’s the first summer your entire family is going to be in the same city and you guys are planning a family picnic at the park! You want to look great but you can't risk your curls drying out mid festivities. How about some box braids?

Opt for beautiful bohemian braids, knotless braids, or even goddess braids that keep your hair off your face while adding a touch of carefree style. You can go to your trusted hairstylist or grab what you need at your local beauty shop and DIY!

All you need is the braiding hair for your desired style, preferred tools like a rat tail comb and hair clamps, any styling jam or gel like our Wash + Go Styling Gel, and accessories like charms or colorful string!

  • Start with preparing your braiding hair by separating them into 1-2 inch pieces that are easy to grab once the process begins.
  • Part your hair in 1 inch sections or as big as 2 inch sections for more of a jumbo braid look.
  • Separate your first parted section of hair into 3 smaller sections between your fingers. Feed in one piece of braiding hair into that section by pairing each end of the braiding hair with one of the smaller sections you created and begin braiding your 3 strand braid.
  • Continue feeding in more braiding hair pieces throughout the braid towards your desired length and repeat for all the parts you’ve made throughout your hair.
  • We know you'll be keeping this style in for a while so if you want to maximize on your hair growth during this time, use Shedavi's hair growth vitamin to support hair health from within.


Feed In Braids hairstyle
Photo by Unique Dandridge |


River Tubing | Feed-in Braids 

A dip in the water with sunglasses on is a must. Keep your curls protected and stylish with stunning cornrows, perfect for water activities. Your hair is least likely to be tangled while you enjoy yourself swimming at the beach, pool, or river. When It’s time to take your hair down, be sure to use Shedavi's Protein Masque for deep conditioning and repairing hair damage after water exposure. 


Bantu Knots hairstyle
Photo by : Cast of Thousands |


Amusement Park Excursions | Bantu Knots

Adventure and roller coasters… what person are you? Perfect weekend activity with no hair mess while having fun.

Our suggested hairstyle is bantu knots. This cute style can withstand all the running around the theme park without compromising style.

Create this look by parting your hair in about 10-30 parts ( depending on how big you want your knots to be ) and start twisting each section in one direction from root to end and then twist this section in a tower-like motion and secure the end by tucking it into the knot or using hair pins. Repeat for all sections. For secure knots, use Shedavi’s Wash + Go Styling Gel as you go and finish off with our Hair & Scalp Elixir for shine and protection your scalp.


jumbo twists hairstlye
Photo by : Yuri A |


Hitting the Beach | Jumbo Twists

SUMMER = HITTING THE BEACH... and our suggested hairstyle is  jumbo twists.

Elevate your beach look with glam jumbo twists that effortlessly capture the essence of summer. It’s giving ‘goddess of the sea’! Be sure, when you return to your natural hair, to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Use Shedavi's Protein Masque for deep conditioning and repairing hair damage after salt water exposure and sun from your fun day at the beach.


half up half down hairstyle
Photo by: AS photo family |


Rooftop Day or Night | Half Up, Half Down Clip-Ins or Wig

Elevate your rooftop date to a out-of-your-norm curly look with some clip-ins or a fast and easy glueless wig that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Style your new look any way you want! You can do a half up and half down look, a curly ponytail, or simply wear as is! Ensure sleek edges with our Wash + Go styling Gel and for added shine and vitality, try our Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir. 


Our Favorite Summer Hairstyles for Any Occasion

afro hairstyle
Photo by:  Roman Samborskyi |


Natural Afro

Rock Your ‘fro with Confidence! Embrace your natural curls and showcase a voluminous afro style that highlights your unique beauty. Maintain a healthy and flourishing afro with our Hair Growth Duo. Our duo promotes hair growth and overall health of your hair.


twist out hairstyle
Photo by: Antonia Giroux |


Effortlessly Chic Twist-Out

Achieve a stunning twist-out hairstyle that protects your curls and exudes summer elegance. We suggest using Shedavi's Wash + Go Styling Gel for long-lasting hold and definition.



Remember, have as much fun as this summer provides, but don’t let your hair suffer through the good times you’re about to have. Environmental factors like the sun and humidity can affect your hair health.  Let Shedavi's products help with protecting and elevating your summer looks with confidence.

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