7 Easy Ways To Remember To Take Your Vitamins

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7 Easy Ways To Remember To Take Your Vitamins

There is nothing like being overly excited about taking the first leap to healthy hair, skin, and nails. At first it seems easy as taking care of your hair, taking your vitamins, and watching your hair flourish. Then you discovered that you can't even remember to take your vitamins! Don't fret, one of the most popular questions about taking vitamins is how do you stay consistent? Consistency is definitely a major key to hair health, therefore here are 7 easy ways to stay on track with your vitamin regimen!

Set An Alarm

Technology can be your best friend when it comes to remembering important tasks. If your the type of person who relies on planners and schedules to keep tracking of your day, then using your phone as a reminder to take your vitamins maybe exactly what you need. For the most part, we spend a hefty amount of our time on cell phones and other devices. Creating a reminder around breakfast time or your typical down time is the most effective way to make sure you follow through with actually taking your vitamin.

Leave Them In Plain Sight

Have you heard of out of sight, out of mind? If you're constantly on the go, leaving your vitamins visible can be beneficial in being consistent. For example, seeing your vitamins on the kitchen countertop next to something to drink is way more convenient than tucked away in your medicine cabinet.

Set Up An Routine

Humans can be creatures of habit which in this case is a good thing. Daily routine can  be anything from waking up, eat breakfast, exercise, work, and repeat. If you add taking your vitamins in there over a period of time, you will being to taking them out of habit!
You can start by finding time slot where you can fit taking vitamins then consistently following the routine.

Use A Pill Container

Are you someone don't remember what they just did a few hours ago? People with busy schedule have the hardest time filtering and remembering tasks so don't fret. Using a pill container is an instant reminder if you took your vitamin for the day.

Take With Meals

Its not common that we forget or skip a meal. Therefore, pairing vitamins with your meal is ideal to not missing a dose. For the most part, eating is suggested when taking vitamins anyways so its a win-win situation.

Use Visual Reminders

Visual learners typically respond better to visual stimuli. If this is you, try taking advantage of visual reminders to complete task such a taking your vitamins. Visual reminders can be anything from sticky notes on your mirror, fridge, and/or door.
Any or a combination of these tips will definitely keep you on track with consistently taking your vitamins and reaching your healthy hair goals!
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