Bearded Baes: Help Your Man Step Up His Beard Game

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Bearded Baes: Help Your Man Step Up His Beard Game

Is anyone else a fan of sweater weather? The colder months bring with them the perfect combination of fitted sweaters and bearded baes. If you’ve already got a bearded bae, or if you’re looking snag one before cuffing season goes into full effect, here’s our advice for keeping his beard looking its best. It may surprise you that a beard care routine isn’t all that different from your own hair care routine.   


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Cleanse and Moisturize

It’s all too easy to strip beards of moisture. That’s why it’s important to use a cleanser that also moisturizes. Why not let your man try some of your Shedavi co-wash? Its specially formulated blend of ingredients will cleanse, detangle, and condition while also promoting growth and thickness.


Oil Up

As we mentioned above, beards can dry out if we’re not careful. Make sure using beard oil is a part of your bearded bae’s regular routine. Our Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir might work for him. He should apply it the same way you apply the elixir to your hair, so you can give him a how-to if he’s not familiar.  

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Use the Right Tools

If your beau doesn’t already have a beard comb and a beard brush, a trip to the beauty supply is in order. (Don’t worry, you can grab a few supplies for yourself, too!) The comb should have a range of widths. Your man can even pick up a pocket comb so that he always has one handy. For the brush, look for one without plastic or synthetic bristles. The comb and brush will be great for detangling and also for training the hair to grow however your bae (or you!) like it best. The only other thing that he’ll need is a pair of beard scissors.


Get Styled

Most men need the help of a barber to keep their beard in its best shape. Help your guy find a barber who know what he’s doing.  In between trips, he can trim his beard and do a little bit of styling. Add a touch of finesse to your man’s look with a beard balm. It’s part leave-in conditioner, part styling cream. He can rub a little in to give a finished look to his beard.


Now you’re ready to help your bearded bae put his best beard forward. Do you have a bearded bae who uses Shedavi? Show us how he uses our products on Instagram.

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