Beyond Hair Length: Four Signs of Healthy Hair

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If you’re reading this, you probably have a hair length goal. You might even be measuring your progress with a Shedavi Length Check T-Shirt. Whether you’re shooting for shoulder length, waist length, or tailbone length hair, it’s important to remember that amazing hair is about more than length. You don’t want a crown that is long but also dull and thin.

Expand your idea of what hair success looks like. By looking at more than length, you’ll be able to better enjoy the hair growth journey.  Celebrate every hair milestone by monitoring these four signs of healthy hair.



Does your hair shine bright like a diamond? It should if it’s doing well. Products like the Shedavi Hair & Scalp Growth Elixir will add an extra sheen, but you want to be sure that your hair has a shine all its own. Check in every week to see how your hair is progressing.


Less Shedding

We all know that it’s impossible to style your hair without some level of shedding, but you’ll know your hair is on the road to healthfulness when you observe minimal amounts of hair loss. Achieve your goal of better-looking hair by combing your hair while it’s damp. And don’t forget to use a seamless comb for maximum styling with minimal breakage. Take our vitamin twice a day to reduce both breakage and shedding.




Bounce Back

Healthy hair bounces back. Shrinkage can be annoying, but it actually means that you’re doing something right. It’s a sign of strong and elastic hair. Test your hair’s elasticity by stretching a few strands and observing whether or not they snap back. Track your progress as you continue in your hair journey. You’ll likely notice an extra spring in your hair as you regularly use Shedavi’s  Hair Growth Vitamin.



Sometimes it feels like your hair has a life of its own. While it may cause a few extra minutes of styling time, it’s actually another sign of healthy hair.  Your hair shouldn’t be flat or stiff. You’re in a good place if your hair has both movement and fullness.

Now you’ve got several methods for monitoring your hair’s health. By focusing on shine, minimizing shedding, bounce, and vitality, you’ll notice your hair growing longer as well. Shedavi products, in conjunction with a quality haircare routine, will help you reach your healthy hair goals faster.

What does healthy hair mean to you? Share your definition and tips in the comments.


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