Conquer Chlorine This Summer

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Conquer Chlorine This Summer

We’ve all seen the Instagram photos. A whimsical pool floatie. Your baddest swimsuit. A colorful lip. Your cutest shades. And your hair floating around you in a picture perfect halo. Those pool photos may get tons of likes, but what is that chlorine doing to your hair?


Let’s do a little science lesson. Chlorine is the 17th element and a chemical we put into pools to kill bacteria. The good news is that chlorine is really effective at making sure we don’t get infections after bathing with dozens of other people, including kids with questionable hygiene practices. Chlorine has our back when it comes to sanitation.

The bad news is that chlorine is extremely drying.That’s why you’ll notice that your skin is extra ashy after your pooltime adventures. Chlorine also dries out your hair, leading to dullness and breakage. If you’ve got any blonde going on, chlorine can even turn your hair green. Probably not the look you’re after this summer.

Whether you’re a swimmer or just an avid poolside Instagrammer, you’ll want to take some precautions before diving in. This first tip is a little counterintuitive. Wet your hair with fresh water before you get into the pool. You don't need to add in any conditioner. Your hair can only soak up so much moisture; pre-wetting decreases the amount of chlorine your hair takes in. This precaution isn’t a cure-all. It only slows down the absorption process, so don’t let your hair sit too long with chlorine on it.

After time in the pool, use the Shedavi Moisturizing Shampoo. It will remove chlorine without completely stripping your hair of moisture. Finish up with a deep conditioning treatment of your choice. The Shedavi Protein Masque is a great option. These treatments will bring your hair back to balance after contact with harsh chlorine.


If you want to fast track your hair growth, limit your time in the pool. There’s plenty of fun to be had just lounging poolside. (And there are plenty of Insta-worthy pictures you can take with just your legs in the pool!) If you swim multiple times a week, consider using a swim cap with a deep conditioner. That will allow you to enjoy your exercise while maintaining hair health. You’ll look like a true Olympian.

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