Dos and Donts of Henna for Hair

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Dos and Donts of Henna for Hair

After reading the article from last week, you may be starting to think that you need to add a little henna to your life. after all, since it’ natural, it’s not like dye and therefore can’t possibly harm your hair or anything right? In theory, yes, this is true; however, when you’re thinking about using henna, there are a few general guidelines that you want to take into consideration. Our hair is delicate, and we want to always make sure that we are taking every precaution possible to minimize breakage and maximize health. Keep reading to get the do’s and don’ts of using henna in your hair.

Do take your time to get the good stuff.

Like most products. All henna powders are not on the same level. Many companies boast to have this henna for blonde hair and that henna for brown but make no mistake ladies: true henna will only turn your hair one color and that’s reddish brown depending on your natural hair color. Make sure that you really do your research when searching for the proper henna powder to put into your hair. You don’t want to use low grade stuff that does your tresses no justice.


Don’t use the henna without reading all the directions

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can potential waste a lot of product, time, or possibly (but not likely) damage your tresses. Please make sure that you read all the directions and watch a couple of YouTube videos prior to starting your henna treatment. There’s nothing worse than spending all the time and effort to pick the right stuff just to use it incorrectly. Follow the directions carefully the first few times and make sure you can do it right before you venture out and add your own ingredients.


Do add oil to your hair first if your hair is prone to dryness.

One of the biggest complaints that people have about using henna is that their hair gets extremely dry once they are done with the treatment. Part of this dry feeling comes from the treatment adding a coat of material around your strands. That material, the henna mixture, fills in the missing “gaps” that are along the shaft and helps to strengthen the hair itself (kinds of like a protein treatment). Just like with a protein treatment, you may find your hair feeling extremely dry despite supposed to be having the effects of elasticity and manageability. To help, we suggest doing an oil treatment with Shedavi Elixir prior to your run in with the henna to combat the dryness.

Don’t forget that this is a permanent thing.

A common misconception with henna is that it is a temporary color that will only last a couple of weeks. This is not the case. Using henna means a permanent commitment and the only way to get rid of it is to let your hair grow our or use a true dye to change it. The color will fade over time, but it will never be gone completely. Therefore, do a strand test first and see how it looks after a couple of weeks before you commit to doing your while head.


Do use old clothes and gloves when working with the henna

Applying a henna treatment is messy business! Think about it. This is the same stuff (more or less) that people put on their skin when they travel to certain countries. It absolutely will stain your skin if it comes in contact with it. Therefore, you need to be prepared to clean up your mess once you’re done. Use old clothes, processing gloves, and even newspaper when dealing with henna. Protect yourself and your bathroom from possibly getting stained!


Don’t add too many extra ingredients to your henna.

Yes, you can add different plants, oils, and creams to your henna to try for different colors and get different effects. However, adding too many extra elements can take away from the essence of the henna itself. Therefore, try to remain mindful of the different types of ingredients you add to your mixture.


Do use a conditioner after using your henna treatment.

Again, theirs is a potential for some extreme dryness after you finish your henna treatment. Follow up your henna with some Shedavi Crown Moisturizing Conditioner. Like we mentioned last week, this is the best item to use after a henna treatment because it will give you more than enough moisture to get your tresses back in check.

Don’t skip this step

I’m serious ladies. Moisture is the key to creating healthy hair. Although henna does much more than add subtle color to your tresses, the fact is that it can be drying. Follow our do’s and don’ts of using henna in hair and you’ll be fine.


What other tips do you have for women who want to try henna? Tell us about it in the comments!


Written by Bianca Scott


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