Five Tips for Flawless Skin & Hair for Your Summer Vacation

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We are in midst of summertime . Hopefully, you’ve got at least one getaway planned. Vacations are a time of relaxation and adventure. They also shake up our skin and hair routines.  Summer vacays are about restoration, so don’t let your time away from home wreak havoc on your progress.





These five tips will help you maintain flawless skin and hair no matter where your summer getaway takes you.


  1. Check the weather

Climate makes a huge difference when it comes to skin and hair. Check the weather ahead of time so you can pack the necessary products. A drier climate may call for extra moisturizers while a humid destination requires products that can tame frizz and oily skin.



  1. Keep it simple

Don’t spend your whole vacation fussing with your hair and makeup. Keep your look simple to maximize the fun. This is your chance to rock a low maintenance protective style. You might even go makeup free for a week. If the thought of not wearing makeup for a week is too intimidating, try limiting your makeup bag to five or less products.




  1. Don’t forget the essentials

Summer getaways have a way of shaking up your routine. That can be a good thing, but stick to your routine where it counts. Pack your essentials, like Shedavi’s Hair Growth Vitamin and Hair & Scalp Growth Elixir. If you need a change of pace, experiment with a new lip color or a bold outfit choice. Finding the balance between routine and adventure will allow you to enjoy your vacation without sacrificing your progress.

  1. Nourish

Your body always needs nourishment, and this is especially true when you’re traveling. Get a cute water bottle, and drink up. This will help combat the toll that travel takes on your body. Allow yourself to enjoy the tastes that your destination has to offer, but don’t completely neglect your fruits and veggies. Your skin and hair will thank you for eating a balanced diet.


  1. Protect

Sun protection is key for any summer trip. Protect your face and body with sunscreen. Add sun protection friendly accessories like hats, shawls, and sunglasses to maintain a flawless complexion. Your hair needs protection, too! Take precautionary measures if you’ll be playing in chlorinated water.

What are your summer vacation style secrets? We want to hear them in the comments below.


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