Four Hairstyles to Inspire Your Spring Break

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Four Hairstyles to Inspire Your Spring Break

It’s the time of year where our Instagram feeds and Facebook timelines are filled photos of friends living it up on spring break. And—let’s be honest—part of you wants to make sure that your selfie game is just as strong.

You’ve ordered all your swimsuits and ensembles for nights on the town. Your brows are freshly waxed. You’ve been doing facials to make sure your skin has a natural glow. You’ve been taking our Hair Growth Vitamins regularly. All you need now is the perfect spring break hairstyle to complete your look. All spring breaks are not created equal, so we curated four looks to complement your spring break vibe.

For the mermaid

Do your spring break plans consist of moving between the beach and the pool? Opt for a hairstyle that can withstand the water.  The front detail of these braids are perfect for all of your poolside selfies. Make sure you’ve packed our Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir to keep your scalp moisturized while you enjoy your fun in the sun.

box braids spring break


For the social butterfly

Is your ideal spring break all about nightlife? Go big or go home. Wear your fro out in all its fullness, and challenge yourself to style it differently every night. Afro puffs. Twisted updos. Let your imagination run wild. Bring our Crowned CoWash in your bag to keep your curls popping all week long.

afro spring break


For the adventurer

If your spring break is all about the great outdoors, pick a low maintenance style that lets you focus on enjoying nature. Spice up simple cornrows with fun parts that will hold their own in all your adventure-filled selfies.

cornrows spring break


For the cultural explorer

Is your spring break about embracing new cultures through visits to museums, restaurants, and engaging experiences? Try a low braided bun. This style is both sleek and flexible. Add a bit of glitz with colored bobby pins. Add a chic beret. Explore a new city in style.

braided low bun spring break

Youngjun Koo

Wherever your spring break takes you, we hope that you’ll bring Shedavi along for the journey. Show us your spring break looks using #shedavi for a chance to be featured. And enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!

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