Four ways to show your hair a little extra love

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Four ways to show your hair a little extra love

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s definitely a holiday that brings up a lot of feelings.  You might have Boo’d Up on repeat as you plan the perfect date night for you and bae. You might be blasting Nice For What as you and your ladies plan the ultimate Galentine’s celebration. Regardless of your plans for the 14th or your thoughts on the holiday, don’t forget to celebrate the most important relationship in your life: the relationship you have with yourself.  We’ve rounded up four ways for you to show yourself, and your hair, a little extra love this season.




Get Elaborate

We all have our quick and easy styles that get us through a busy work week. Give yourself extra time to style a more elaborate ‘do. If you got cash to spare, you could take it even further and book a hair appointment. Spending the time or the money to perfect a hairstyle can provide the boost of confidence you didn’t know you needed.

Make a Romantic Gesture

You don’t have to be in a relationship to do a big romantic gesture. Go big with your hair care. Think wash day on steroids. Cleanse. Deep condition. Detangle. Give yourself a little trim. Our Crowned Collection Bundle has the products you’ll need. You can even diffuse some essential oils to add a spa vibe to your romantic wash day. Watch your hair glow up after the extra TLC.

A Touching Moment

You don’t need a full body massage to show yourself love. Take a few minutes for a scalp massage with our Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir. We recommend adding the massage to your morning or evening routine. In the short term, you’ll have a moment of relaxation to add to your days. Long term, your hair will start to grow longer and stronger. It’s a win-win.

Handle With Care

Splurge on a tool or accessory that will give your hair the love it deserves. Upgrade to something that will counteract damage and breakage. Buy a set of silk headbands, a boar’s head brush, or a diffuser. They’re all investments in the health of your hair. Who knows, the best Valentine’s Day gift you get this year may be the one you get yourself.

How will you give your hair a little extra love this February? Show us your favorite ways to treat yourself by using #shedavi. You might be featured on social!

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