Girls Night In: How to Host a Self-Care, Hair-Care Night

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Girls Night In: How to Host a Self-Care, Hair-Care Night

Did you tell yourself the 2019 was the year that you would get your money right? Or maybe this was the year that you’d invest more in your relationships, including your relationship with yourself. Hosting a self-care, hair-care night is a way to do all three. You save money by staying in rather than going out, and you get to have the deep conversations that are hard to have out in public.  Follow these steps to design the ultimate night of rest and relaxation.


Save the Date

If your friend group is like my friend group, it can be hard to find a date when everyone is free to hang out. Look at your calendar to find three dates that work for you. Then reach out to your friends to get an idea of what dates work for them. Doodle is a polling tool that can make picking the right date really easy. When in doubt, a simple text to the group chat always works. Once the date is decided, send a cute evite to get everyone excited. Paperless Post has some really sleek (and free!) options.

Get in Formation

This night is about self-care, so you don’t want to stress yourself out as you’re doing the planning. Spread the responsibilities out among your friend group. Put a couple of friends on drink duty (wine or a simple cocktail is all you’ll need) and a few on food duty (finger foods are nice and easy) . One friend can be in charge of buying pre-made facial masks or getting the ingredients for a homemade mask. And since you’re reading this article, you can be in charge of getting the hair products. Shedavi’s Crowned Protein Masque is perfect for a self-care, hair care night. Masks on your face, a masque for your hair, and plenty of time for conversation in between. You could also use the Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir to do hot oil treatments.

Set the Mood

Decide on the vibe for the night. Is it a no phones, deep conversation kinda mood? Is it an Instagram-worthy at home turn up? Channel your inner DJ and curate a playlist with the right vibes. If you’ve got a diffuser, you can use lavender if you’d like to chill and peppermint for something more energetic.

So now you’ve got everything you need to host your own girls’ night in filled with self-care and hair-care. Show us your own Shedavi girls’ nights with #shedavi for a chance to be featured.

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