Hairstyles that can withstand the rain

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Hairstyles that can withstand the rain

As I write this post from my condo in Chicago, I can hear the rain pitter-pattering against my window. A quick look at the weather app tells me that the rain won’t be letting up for the foreseeable future. I’m ready to let my fro out in full-force, but Mother Nature clearly has other plans. If you live in a climate like mine, you need hairstyles that can withstand the rain as much as I do. I’ve gathered some of my favorites so that we can all ride out this rainy season in style.



Box braids

Box braids are the ultimate rainy weather style. Opt for a short bob or down the back braids without fear of water. Spring isn’t the season to see how long you can keep your braids in. If you have too much of your roots exposed, the rain will add frizz in a way that’s just not cute. Using a bonnet or a scarf can help, and it won’t hurt to schedule a touch up appointment with your braider.




A sew-in can be an ideal spring style, as long as you’re mindful of the hair texture you choose. Invest in quality hair that isn’t prone to frizziness, and be sure to moisturize your hair with  Shedavi’s Protein Masque before you get your sew-in installed.


Wigs have all of the benefits of a sew-in with added flexibility. If the weather in your city changes often, you can wear your wig on rainy days and rock your own hairstyles when the sun is out. Switch up your style as often as the weather. Wigs can cause breakage, so be sure to show your edges extra love with Shedavi’s Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir.

Rainy day accessories

I know I said I was gathering hairstyles, but sometimes you just don’t want the weather to dictate your look. Buy a cute umbrella that covers your full head if you’re planning to wear your fro out, to wear a silky press or an intricate updo. Get a colorful rain hat with a silk or satin liner for looks that can handle a little bit of friction.  Don’t let the rain stop you from wearing your favorite styles.

No matter what style you choose, be sure to take Shedavi’s Hair Growth Vitamin all spring long. Show us how you use Shedavi for your rainproof looks using #shedavi for a chance to be featured.

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