Healthy Hair Secret: Deep Conditioner and Hot Oil Treatment
The deep conditioner and hot oil treatment has to be the best hack I’ve come across since I’ve started my natural hair journey. If you want a healthy, poppin, bouncy, voluminous, and polished crown of kinks and curls, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be practicing this method! The benefits are evident in three essential areas for our hair: our scalp, hair shaft, and ends.


We are constantly being told not to neglect our scalp, but never how to care for it. Besides messaging your scalp daily, the moisture attained from deep conditioning and sealing from a hot oil treatment is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy scalp. After a good cleanse, our scalp can lose some of its natural moisture. Ingredients in deep conditioners hydration and have anti-dandruff properties. The hot oil treatment infuses the goodness of an oil to your scalp. We experience the most growth, strengthen, and health when the oil is warm/hot.
Hair Shaft

Deep conditioners have different treatment specialties such as damaged hair, protein treatments, maximum moisture, heat repair, etc. Their ingredients determine what that expertise will be and what you'll expect from your hair after use. Adding the heated oil to the process reinforces the deep conditioner’s and oil’s major benefits.
In general, the hair shaft will experience the following from this process:
  • Curl definition
  • Rehydration
  • Revitalized & voluminous curls
  • Less frizz

If you’re struggling with length retention, this combo will easily become your best friend. Healthy ends that are well moisturized are shown by its shine, elasticity, and the bounciness of its curl. To retain length, you want to make sure you’re preventing split ends, hydrating your hair,  and keeping single strand knots to a minimum.
What To Do & How Often

Deep conditioning once a week all year round is recommended.  After cleansing your hair and scalp, apply your deep conditioner generously to your entire head. I like to section my hair into 4 for easy handling. Next, you will pour your oil of choice onto your scalp and pull down to your ends. Allow this mixture to sit for at least 15 minutes or longer hair. Try Shedavi's Elixir, it can be used as a hot oil treatment too. 

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  • Nancy On

    If I only use the Spring And not the pills will it still work for my hear to get long or do you have to use both

  • Ebony Brown On

    I will love to have some hot oil for my hair.

  • Sharon Cook On

    I really wanna try this product, looks amazing

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