How to Wash and Go in the Winter

Wash and go’s are quick, easy styles for warm weather, but there’s no reason for you to take the style out of your rotation as the weather gets colder. With a few tweaks to your process and help from our products, you can rock your wash and go in the year round.

Style Strategically

For the health of your hair, it’s always important to switch out your natural hairstyles. That’s especially true in the winter. You can certainly wash and go in the winter, but you don’t want it to be your only style. Your hair is constantly coming into contact with the cold, hats, scarves, and winter coats. That friction can cause breakage if you’re not careful. Put your hairstyles on rotation so that you can enjoy your wash and go without sacrificing its health.

Start Early

Before you start your wash and go, you want your hair to be moisturized. Make a habit of deep conditioning. Try using our Crowned Protein Masque with a steamer, a cap, or a hood dryer to help the moisture penetrate.

Pump Up the Moisture

Even with regular deep conditioning, it’s still necessary to add moisture to the styling process. Lucky for you, our Crowned Styling Bundle  incorporates moisture into every step of you wash and go. Kick things off with our Leave-In Conditioner as you cleanse and detangle. Define your curls with our aloe-infused Wash + Go Styling Gel. Add an extra dose of moisture and defrizz your curls with our Revitalizing Mist. Experiment with the proportions of products until you find what works for you in the winter.

Accessorize with Care

Take inventory of your winter accessories. Avoid wool hats, scarves, and coats when you’ve got a winter wash and go. Opt instead for silk and satin lined accessories instead. Go easy on headbands, clips, and anything else that could cause breakage. Winter is already working against your hair, and you don’t want to help any damage along.

Time it Right

Your mom probably told you not to go outside with wet hair, and we don’t disagree. Give yourself a little extra time for your wash and go so you can avoid making your winter even colder.

With simple changes to your routine, you’ll be able to rock your wash and go in the winter while still growing your hair long and strong. Share photos of your winter wash and go’s on Instagram and tag us for a chance to be featured.

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