How to Win the Fight Against Heat Damage

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Your curls, once bouncy, now look limp and a little lifeless. Your silky straight tresses have split ends that you can’t get rid off. Your hair is dried out, and there’s no shine to be found. Could you relate to any of those statements? If so, you’re probably no stranger to heat damage. There’s no way to completely reverse the damage, but there are steps you can take to lessen the negative effects and to avoid heat damage in the future.


Make heat a treat

Obviously the best way to avoid heat damaged hair is not to put heat on it. However, that’s not practical for many of us. Instead of completely cutting out heat styling, think about where you can cut back. Maybe you could use a diffuser instead of your normal blow dryer. The diffuser spreads the heat out over the hair so that one spot isn’t getting the full force of the heat. Maybe you could stretch out the frequency of flat-ironing your hair by getting creative with styles.

Use protection

You should never add heat to your hair without using a protective product. These products add a barrier between your hair and the heat, giving you more freedom to style and less fear of damage. These products are great, but they’re not superheroes. Pay attention to sounds and smells as you use heat on your hair. Any signs of singeing or burning means it’s time to put down your tool before more damage is done.

Moisturize more

If you already are experiencing heat damage, this tip is especially for you. Give your hair a lot of love in the form of moisture. Use our Co-wash on wash day to clarify while still providing nourishment. Then make our Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir part of your daily routine. With over 20 essential oils in the formula, the elixir will help you fight against the split ends often associated with heat damage and to lock in the moisture


We all want long, healthy hair, and trims are an important part of that. Schedule regular trims to get rid of split ends. And, if you’re already experiencing heat damage, work with a stylist to get a cut that makes the damage a little less obvious. A good stylist can be your partner in bringing your hair back to its normal state of fabulousness.

Have you experienced heat damage? Tell us how you fought back. Share your stories in the comments below.


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