Insecure: Season Two's Top Hairstyles

Another season of Insecure has ended, and we’re already anxiously awaiting the next one! As much as we want to discuss all that went down, we’ll avoid any spoilers for those of you still catching up on the season. The battle lines are drawn for #TeamLawrence and #TeamIssa, but we think we can all agree that the hair on the show is the real winner.


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It’s rare to see hair of all textures celebrated on screen, which is why Insecure feels like 30 minutes of pure celebration for beauty in its many forms.

We know your Sunday nights might be feeling a little duller now, so we’re here with a suggestion: Why not fill your now empty Sunday nights by trying a new ‘do for the following week? Let’s recap the some of the best hairstyles of Season Two to inspire your next look.


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Issa’s asymmetrical faux hawk from Episode Two is simple but it packs a stylistic punch. The braided back and sides are ideal for weekends when you’re going from the gym to lunch with your family to a night with friends. It’s versatile  and, as Issa would say, hella easy to maintain. You can braid out the top like Issa did to create a fresh style with minimal effort.

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This waterfalling half-updo puts Kelli’s curls on full display. This look is probably the easiest to recreate. However, we’d recommend wearing it for one night only. The curl definition is the main attraction, and you’ll likely lose the effect after sleeping on the style.


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Molly rocked the bob all season long, but this softer, more voluptuous look was our top pick. Her bone structure is incredible. This look complements the angles of her face to bring out the best in all of her features. Not to mention - the full sew-in is a great protective style when done properly. 


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Tiffany’s textured ponytail adds a touch of flair to an otherwise classic look. It’s fun enough that she fits right in at this girls’ night out, but she wouldn’t look out of place at an office either. You can recreate this look and make this a semi-protective style by using a clip-in ponytail.

Looking back, it’s easy to see that the ladies of Insecure always looked amazing in spite of all the drama.  Like most things on Insecure, our hairstyle picks are up for debate. Did you prefer Molly’s sleek bob over the soft bob?  Did we choose a style you hated? Did we skip over your favorite hairstyle altogether? Do you have hair predictions for Season Three? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Authored by: Taylor Bryant

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