Make Your Stretched Style Humidity Proof This Summer

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If you live in a very hot and humid city, summer is not necessarily the best time to wear your hair down and rocking stretched styles. Aside from making you pretty uncomfortable, the high humidity is sure to cause shrinkage and undo the definition of your twist-outs and braid-outs. Blow outs and straightened hair are also unlikely to last long without reverting unless you take steps to make your styles humidity proof.

Frizz results once the cuticle layer of the hair is open. Once open, moisture from the atmosphere is able to enter the hair and cause shrinkage. To fight frizz and shrinkage, therefore, it is important to get and keep your cuticle as tightly closed as possible. Here’s how.




Start with your washing process

Fighting frizz and keeping your cuticles closed begins on wash day. Using pH balanced products will help to accomplish this. As will smoothing products down the hair shaft instead of just rubbing your shampoo and conditioner around. After washing and conditioning, you may do a final rinse with cold water, do an apple cider vinegar rinse or apply some aloe vera juice to the hair. Either of which will help to keep the cuticle of the hair closed as well. Do not use terry cloth towels to dry your hair and do not rub your hair as rubbing raises the cuticles, causing them to open up, which again causes frizz.



Blow dry responsibly

If your styling requires the use of a blow dryer, angle the blow dryer so that it points down the hair shaft. This will keep the cuticles flat and hair smooth.


Avoid products with humectants

Humectants such as glycerin, honey, panthenol/vitamin B5 and even propylene glycol are common to many hair products. Their function is to keep the hair moisturized by pulling water from the air to the surface of the hair. This will result in frizz, reversion, and loss of definition, which is why it is a good idea to avoid these ingredients on those summer occasions when you really need your definition to last. It may be difficult to avoid all these ingredients, however, so just do your best. If they are in the products you use, try to use ones with these ingredients outside the first 5 ingredients you’ll probably be ok. If not, try your best to adhere to the other tips for minimizing the effects of humidity on your hair.




Use anti-frizz product

Apply an anti-frizz product to your hair while your hair is still soaking wet. Once hair begins to dry frizz begins to form which means the cuticles start to open. Applying your anti-frizz product to wet hair will ensure your cuticles stay closed and flat.


Seal with an anti-humectant product

Seal your hair well with an anti-humectant product. Many anti-humectant products contain silicones. If you follow a no silicone hair regimen, then try shea butter or beeswax instead as they are also known to fight humidity.

It’s always better to work with your hair instead of against it. But there may be occasions when you’ll want it to behave in a manner that’s different from its norm. With the tips above, you should be well equipped to humidity proof your hair whenever you need to this summer.


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