March Madness: How to Keep Hair Tame During Workout

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March Madness: How to Keep Hair Tame During Workout

Sun’s out! Ladies, we’ve finally reached the beginning of Spring and it’s time to hit the gym and start working towards those summer bodies. While we definitely promote living an active lifestyle, it’s no secret that working out all the time can be a bust for our tresses. It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural or relaxed— it’s safe to say that sweat has no preference when it comes to messing up a cute hairstyle. Don’t let the fear of perspiration stop you from reaching your fitness goals. Take a look below at our top 3 tips for keeping your hair tame during workouts.



Tip #1 Keep your hair away from your scalp

The biggest issue with keeping your hair tame during workouts is having your sweaty scalp touch the rest of your hair. Depending on if you’re natural or relaxed, you have a couple of different options to combat the sweat. If your tresses are relaxed, your best bet is to put your hair in a loose ponytail at the top of your head. The reason this style is so effective is because not having your ponytail super tight allows your scalp to breathe easy during intense workouts.


If your hair is natural, you actually want to do the opposite and keep the scalp as taunt as possible. Why? One word: shrinkage. If you’ve had natural hair for awhile, you know all about how your hair can look 6 inches long one moment then 2.5 inches as soon as it gets hit with a couple of drops of water. It’s a struggle out here. The best way to combat a sweaty scalp is to keep your hair stretched for as long as possible. Two strand twists or flat twists are both great options. The key is to make sure your hair is completely dry before you taking it out of the twist to make sure it doesn’t ravel up.


Tip #2 Cover It Up

As cliché as it may sound, keeping your hair tame during workouts can be achieved by simply keeping it covered. Particularly if you’re going to be outdoors, wearing something soft like a bonnet or satin scarf can help keep your hair in check while you’re putting in work at the gym. If you’re like me and don’t particularly like walking around with your bonnet in public, throw on a hat and call it a day.


Another option is to get you a wig that you only use for working out. With this option, you can just put your hair into 3-4 cornrows, add some Shedavi Elixir to your scalp for moisture, then add your workout wig and go. Although wigs can get a little warm, if you’re apprehensive about shrinkage or don’t want to risk getting your real hair messed up, a wig can definitely work in your favor.


Tip #3  Pins, Pins, Pins!

Bobby pins are literally good for just about anything dealing with hair including keeping your hair tame during workouts. A popular method is doing pincurls if your hair is relaxed or pressed because the hair will still be straight and add the smallest hint of a curl in the process. Be mindful that pincurls are probably not the best option if you sweat profusely out of your scalp.


Another option that involves hair pins are Bantu knots. If your hair is natural, then Bantu knots might be a good way to give your hair definition after a workout. Simply use the pins to secure the knots and you’re all set.


What are some of the ways that you keep your hair tame while working out? Tell us about it in the comments!



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