Must Try Nail Art for Summer!

Warmer weather is finally here to stay! It’s time to put away the heavy winter coats and the tights we wore underneath our dresses. Bring out the sundresses, the sandals, and the bathing suits. For me, a summer outfit isn’t complete without a manicure, whether it’s DIY or from a salon.

I don’t mind going without a manicure in the winter. I keep my nails long and strong with Shedavi’s hair growth vitamin, and my nails look fantastic on their own. In the spring and summer, I crave that extra pop of color almost as a celebration of the weather I’ve waited for all winter.

This season, I want to go beyond my plain manicure to experiment with something new and fun. These five must-try nail trends are fresh off the runway.


The Tri-color Manicure

This manicure was first seen at the Tanya Taylor fashion show. It’s colorful yet still professional, and it’s easy to recreate at home. You’ll need at least four different colors of nail polish, not including the nude base. Paint on the nude color. After it dries, top it off with a free form stripe of color on the top and the bottom of the nail.

The All-White Manicure

Most people think that white nail polish is only for the tips of a french manicure, but white nail polish has so much more to offer! It makes melanin pop, showing off your summer glow. You’ll look both classy and carefree with an all-white manicure.

Soft Pink Nails

Pink nail polish isn’t just for little girls anymore. They were all over the runways this season. Go traditional with a plain soft pink nail, or juxtapose the softness of the color with the hardness of a more modern nail shape, like the almond.



Two Tone Manicure

Play peekaboo with this nail trend. Choose two contrasting colors. The amount of contrast could be light or intense, depending on the level of impact you want to create. Consider a cream and pastel combo for the work week. Then switch over to brighter hues for the weekend. Recreate the look by having one color peek out at either the top or the bottom of the nail.

High Gloss

The high gloss nail is popping this season. Upgrade your favorite nail polish shades by adding a high gloss top coat. You won’t be able to stop staring at your nails as the sunlight makes them shine!

These are the five nail trends I’ll be trying this summer. Got any trends to add? Share them in the comments below!


Authored By Taylor Bryant

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