New season, new look. Here are the best hair colors for fall!

Does cooler weather have you ready for a new look that doesn’t involve a hair cut? You’re not alone. Thankfully, you can get a fresh look for fall without sacrificing your hair growth goals. All it takes is a quick color change.

This fall, you can channel the warmth and vibrancy of autumn leaves with your look. Here are our favorite hair colors for fall.

Who says blonde hair is just for the summer time? The darker roots of Beyonce’s blonde tresses take her hair from summer to autumn. Remember to choose a blonde with warm undertones to create a rich fall color.


Gabrielle Union’s rich brown hair incorporates highlights and lowlights to frame her face. Soft wisps of blond on top and auburn on the bottom help to put her amazing bone structure on full display.

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Rihanna’s dark red hue is the embodiment of fall. Want a full on transformation? This look is for you. This bold color choice is sure to turn heads all season long.

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This color is perfect for those wanting a subtle color change for autumn. Issa’s look uses warm, mocha tones that highlight the natural beauty of your own hair. Not sure if you want to commit to a color change? Achieve a similar look by using coffee as a hair dye. It only lasts for about a week, so you won’t be tied to the look for an entire season.

Now that you’ve gotten your fall hair inspiration, let’s talk about how to dye your hair without hurting it. Your choice in hair dye can be the deciding factor between you achieving long, healthy locks or chemically damaged, split-end ravaged tresses.

Here are three ways you can look out for your hair as you change up your color:

  1. Opt for natural dyes. If you’re choosing a color that’s darker than your natural hue, henna is a fantastic option. It dyes your hair without chemicals, so you’re able to avoid the negative effects of traditional dye.
  2. Choose moisturizing options. You’ll be able to find many hair dyes infused with argan oil and other nourishing agents. These dyes will help to offset potential damage by ensuring your hair gets an extra dose of moisture throughout the process.
  3. See a professional. If you’re going for a Beyoncé blonde or any other color that would require bleaching, it might be worth it to see a professional colorist. You’ll get the look you want without giving up length due to hair damage.

Are you trying a fresh color this fall? Do you have any tips for dyeing your hair while maintaining health? We want to hear all about it in the comments below.

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  • Deborah Johnson On

    How do I dye hair using coffee, and which brand or type would you recommend?

  • Deborah Johnson On

    How do I dye hair using coffee, and which brand or type?

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