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It’s a new year and with it comes reflection and introspection. People love to make resolutions at the start of a new year and even though we are a month in, it’s not too late to take stock of your hair regimen. A healthy hair journey will constantly provide new opportunities for adjustments. There will always be things to improve, modify or perfect. So, even if these aren’t new year’s resolutions, there’s no reason they can’t be your new hair’s resolution.



Start trimming

I get it, when all you want is longer hair, it seems counterproductive to cut your hair off. No matter how minimal the cut. The truth is that hanging on the split and damaged ends is not going to get you to your hair goal any sooner. In fact, it will likely derail your progress, since hair damage has a way of either causing breakage or traveling up the hair shaft and ruining the parts of the hair that were previously healthy. Get a trim to start 2017 off right and trim as needed to ensure that your ends stay in tip-top condition so your hair continues to thrive. After your first trim, if you are being gentle on your hair you will likely not need a deep trim for 6 months to a year.


Dusting your ends is also an option. Dusting is when you trim around 1/8 inch off your ends to stay ahead of splits. This can be done monthly with out losing a majority of your growth.



Start doing scalp massages

Shedavi’s Hair and Scalp Growth Elixir has amazing ingredients that create the perfect blend to nourish the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles in order to promote and maximize your hair growth. Scalp massages are not only relaxing, but they improve blood flow to the scalp, which means the follicles of the hair are treated to more nourishment. More nourishment not only means more hair growth, it also means healthier hair growth, which is of course, what we all want. If you want to treat your hair from the inside as well as the outside, then, by all means, add our hair vitamins to your diet for even better, faster results.


Do your research

Do you know the ingredients that your hair love and/or dislike? You should, as it can help avoid unnecessary spending on products that are doomed to fail and disappoint. Take all your favorite hair products and look at the top 5 ingredients. It’s OK to look a little further down the list as well, but pay attention to the ingredients that are common to your favorite products. When adding new products to your hair regimen, base your choices on the ones that your hair seems to like. Similarly, look for common ingredients among the products your hair hates and avoid those in any future products. There’s absolutely no point in wasting money on products that have little to no chance of benefiting your hair.




Deep condition at least twice a month

Deep conditioning is absolutely essential for maintaining healthy hair. Hair that lacks moisture will become dry and brittle and be more susceptible to breakage and split ends. Both of which will cost you the precious inches that you’ve worked hard to gain.


Minimize the use of heat

Keeping naturally textured hair stretched is essential for minimizing breakage and using heat to stretch the hair either by blow drying or flat ironing the hair is certainly an option many naturals choose. However, using heat comes with the risk of heat damage and so, we should take that into consideration when deciding to use heat. Sadly, there’s no guarantee your hair won’t become damaged if you heat style, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve used heat in the past without damage, it can happen anytime, even the very first time you straighten your hair. If you are not on a healthy hair journey or a growth journey, then using heat may be worth the risk to you. But if your hair’s health or length matters to you, do your best to minimize the use of heat and save the heat tools for really special occasions. Having said all that, you know your hair best and you know how resilient it can be. So, if you do decide to use heat, be appropriately cautious. Some heat free methods of stretching the hair include banding, threading, and braiding. Even roller sets can be used to stretch the hair prior to styling.


Be willing to change

Try not to become stuck to your favorite products or the way you’ve been doing things that you are unwilling to try something new. Sometimes products stop working because our hair becomes accustomed to them, so keep a couple different items in rotation and try new things every once in awhile in order to give your hair something different. Hot oil treatments and oil rinses are things you can do to your hair ever so often without making them a constant part of your routine. Why not give them a try?

A hair journey is just that, a journey. It is human nature to focus on the destination and not enjoy the path it takes to get us there. It could potentially take many months or years to get to your hair length goal, be it bra strap length or waist length. Enjoying your journey towards the goal is very important. Otherwise, it will be many months of all work and no fun. Life’s too short for that.



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