New Year’s Resolutions: Keeping your hair protected while you work out this year


Yasss for this new year! It’s a little chilly outside, but we have goals that we’re trying to achieve, right? We can’t let the cold stop us. So, if you’re like the average person, one of your goals for the year is to live a healthier lifestyle. Yes ladies, this includes working out. Now, when we work out we already have a lot to deal with. The last thing we need to be worried about is our lovely tresses. Everyone knows that water and sweat can be your worst enemy if you’re trying to maintain a style.

One thing that you need to figure out very quickly is how you sweat when you work out. Yes, I said how you sweat. Believe it or not, everyone does not perspire the same way meaning that some people will sweat quicker in some places quicker than others. For example, my arms are the first thing to start sweating, followed by my back and then my forehead. I’m lucky in that I do not ever sweat out of my scalp. Some women aren’t quite as fortunate. They may discover that after every workout their hair is soaking wet from all the sweating that they did from their workout. If this sounds like you, you may be surprised at what your best options are.

So, that just leaves only one question: how can I keep my hair protected while I work out? Keep reading to find out a few tips on keeping your hair protected while you’re in the gym.


Wrap Scarf


Wrapping your hair, pinning it down, then throwing on a mesh or moisture wick wrap scarf is probably the most popular way to protect your hair while you’re working out. You can usually do it in about 5 minutes, and if you throw on a hat no one would even know that you’re wearing it. The only caveat to the wrapping your hair then adding a scarf is that this is almost impossible for someone who is natural. Natural haired women like myself can barely put a comb throw our heads let alone try to wrap it up for a workout. It’s best to leave this method to women who have relaxed hair or have a press. If you sweat out your scalp at all, then this is not the method for you period. If your hair is laying flat against your head I guarantee you that it will get messed up. To prevent that, just try something different.


Pin Curls


So, this is something that I read up on last year when my hair was in a press. I didn’t have an issue with sweating out of my scalp, but I did have issues with my face getting sweaty pretty quickly in the summer. I didn’t want to risk getting my pressed hair wet all because I wanted to stay healthy. One day, one of my gym buddies told me about pin curls. Pin curls are great for keeping your hair protected because it both keeps the hair out of the way and helps to maintains curls. Depending on the degree of sweating that you do while working out, this may even be an okay method for women who sweat out of their scalp. You just want to make sure that your curls aren’t too tight and that you blow dry the hair before removing the pins. If you don’t, you risk having your hair look a hot mess! Again, this is another option for those with relaxed or pressed hair. Naturals can’t do a whole lot with this one.


Loose Ponytail


It’s so simple, yet sometimes overlooked. Putting your hair in a loose ponytail at the top of your head then following up with a sweatband or moisture wick scarf is the best option for those who sweat out of their scalp. The logic is simple: you don’t have to worry about messing up your hair if its not near the sweat. Now, as a word of caution, this may not be the best choice if you’re in a humid environment. Because your hair is exposed and not neatly tucked away in a curl or a wrap, you’re at the mercy of the elements. No matter what your texture, a loose ponytail giving your scalp room to breathe is one of the better options.  


Braids & Weaves


Braids and full weaves are a great protective styles period (assuming that they are installed properly and not tugging at those precious edges). As far as braids are concerned, they give your scalp the opportunity to breathe, are easy to clean (scalp-wise), and you can just throw them in a ponytail and be on your way. Weaves a little bit trickier as far as getting to the scalp, but they definitely protect your hair from your manipulation, making it a good choice for if you want to work out on a regular. If you’re natural and suffer from scalp sweating, your biggest problem is probably shrinkage. By putting your hair in two French braids before your workout or even a halo braid going around in a circle, you’re preventing the shrinkage because you’re keeping the hair stretched for the duration of your workout. Just make sure it’s 100% dry before you take out your braids.


Hopefully, you can use some of these tips to keep your hair protected this year, and ultimately reach your hair care goal. What other ways do you protect your hair while working out? Tell us in the comments!


Authored by: Bianca Scott


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    Great article, but please enlighten on how an all natural blowout hairstyle folks can be protected during workout.

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