Protecting Your Hair from Sun Damage

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Do you use sun protection on a daily basis? Unfortunately, for far too many of us the answer to this question is NO and many of us who do use sun protection in the form of sunscreen aren’t using it properly. For example, did you know that sunscreen is supposed to be applied at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure? If the answer to that question is once again a NO, then you are not alone.




Sun protection is important and it is important regardless of the color of your skin. We all need it and we should all make an effort to protect our skin and hair even when it’s cloudy outside. Many of us have never considered the need to protect our hair from the sun, but especially in the summer when we are spending many hours at festivals, at the beach or just enjoying the outdoors in general, our hair can really suffer, which means we must take whatever steps are necessary to prevent that.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage the hair’s cuticles and damaged cuticles are just the beginning. Signs of sun damage include:



*Brittle strands

*Split ends




We all want healthy hair. Not only does damaged hair look bad, but often the first sign of damage to our hair is a change in how easily we are able to style it or changes in the way styles look or how long they last. Therefore, if you have plans to spend a lot of time in the sun, it makes sense to take steps to make sure your hair does not suffer as a result.

In order to protect our hair from the sun, we can choose to put a physical barrier between our hair and the sun and this barrier may take the form of a hat, headwrap or scarf, beanie, wig or weave etc. Also, be sure to seal your hair with Shedavi's elixir to prevent it from drying out in the heat. 



 If you are reading this post, then you clearly have an interest in maintaining the health of your hair. You want it to look its best and thrive, which means you should also be protecting it from the sun. The sun is also far more damaging to our skin than it is to our hair. Needing to get a haircut because of sun damage to your hair is nothing compared to the risk of skin cancer. Be proactive. Take care of your hair and take care of your skin.


  • Lyvette Mosley: October 15, 2017

    I have been battling with breakage, thinning, bald spots and blisters in my crown for almost 10 years. I’m chemical free for 12 years. My hair in the crown area grows about an inch and half thin sheds its a cycle. I have just finished my 1st bottle of vitamins and exlixer. I still have slow grow but my hair feels stronger. Is this the norm?

  • Dr. Jacki: July 30, 2017

    Very good information. Thanks for sharing

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