Revitalizing Mist vs Leave-In Conditioner-What's the Difference?"

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Revitalizing Mist vs Leave-In Conditioner-What's the Difference?"

Alright ladies. It’s time I drop a little knowledge on you about two products that you may have seen a lot, but you probably have very little idea of exactly what they do: Revitalizing Mist and Leave-In Conditioner. Granted, both of these products have similar functions. They both are meant to nourish the hair, and they both contain an impressive list of vitamins and minerals that your hair needs to be healthy. However, just because they are similar does not mean they are the same. As a matter of fact, depending on your needs, you will use them at completely different times. Keep reading to finally get the answer to when you should use a leave-in conditioner or a mist.


Option1: Leave-In Conditioner

Let’s start with the good ol’ leave-in conditioner. You’ve probably used leave-in conditioner at some point in your hair journey and for good reason. Leave-in conditioner does not have to be rinsed out, thereby allowing your hair even more of an opportunity to soak up the nutrients. On top of that, a leave-in conditioner can help ease your detangling process, protect your hair from natural elements, and also keep your hair moisturized for longer periods of time. On top of that, it also heals your hair when you’ve had damage. Unlike its wash-out counterpart, a leave-in conditioner is much more lightweight and easier to deal with.

The Shedavi Crowned Leave-In Conditioner does all this for you, and it has the added bonus of being made of natural ingredients that will leave your hair feeling like you just got out the shower. The best time to use a leave-in conditioner is on freshly washed and conditioned hair that is not soaking wet. It too can be used to moisturized the hair daily as needed.


Option 2: Revitalizing Mist

The other option is to use a revitalizing mist. Just like the name implies, the purpose of using a revitalizing mist is to bring life back to hair that may appear to be dull, lackluster, or otherwise lifeless. A revitalizing mist is great for when you’re wearing your hair in curls or even straight, and don’t want to disrupt the texture. The revitalizing mist is lightweight like the leave-in conditioner, but it’s in the form of a mist so that you won’t have to touch your hair with your hands to get it to spread out.


The best time to use the Shedavi Crowned Revitalizing Mist is when you have a low-manipulation style that needs a little moisture boost. This can be twistouts, braids, curls, etc. Any hairstyle that you need to add moisture without putting on extra product would be golden for the revitalizing mist.


When Should I Use the Revitalizing Mist vs. Leave-In Conditioner?

When you look at what both products do, it almost seems like they can be interchangeable. Truthfully, which product to use depends on when styling is done. The biggest thing to remember is that you need your Shedavi Crowned Leave-In Conditioner before styling your hair, and you need to follow up with the Revitalizing Mist after you style your hair. The leave-in conditioner will start the protection/moisturizing process, and the mist will help you prolong it. As long as you keep those two things in mind, you’ll be good to go!


Have you used either the Crowned Leave-In Conditioner or the Crowned Revitaling Mist? Let us know in the comments!

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