School’s Back: 5 Quick Hair Do’s for the Busy Mommies!

Now that it’s September, school is back in session just about everywhere around the globe. For those of you who have little girls, you may be wondering what you can do to her hair to lessen the stress that you have in the morning with getting her ready for school and probably even getting yourself to work. As a matter of fact, you may even be wondering if there are any quick hairstyles that you can do yourself that will help to cut down on some of the time. Lucky for you, we got you covered! Take a look below for 5 quick hairstyles for the busy mom!


Bun and Bang


I think it’s safe to say that this is probably one of the easiest hairstyles for a busy mom. While some people may do extra things here and there to customize the look, the basis for doing the bun and bang is always the same. Pull all of your hair into a tight bun at the top of your head. Cut 2-3 pieces or track hair about 3 inches long. The more pieces you have, the thicker the bang will be. Next secure the tracks to the front base of your bun, creating the illusion of a bang. Lastly, wrap more track hair around the bun until you get your desired thickness for your bun. From here, you have a couple of options. You can either turn it int a donut by placing a sock around the weave ponytail then wrapping the hair around the sock or you can create a messy bun by pinning the ends around in a circle around the ponytail until it looks like you want it to. This style can be done in literally 5 minutes. Just in time to take your kids to the bus stop!


Halo Braid


The halo or goddess braid is super easy to do, and it also adds a hint of elegance to your overall look. To achieve the look, get all of your hair into a bowl type look all the ah around your head. From there, start from either the back or the front side and proceed to braid your hair all along the crown, sizes and nape, grabbing a little more hair as you go around the perimeter of your head. In the end, you’ll have all of your hair out of the way and a bomb hairstyle to match. If doing the braided halo is too difficult, then just do a two-strand flat twisted halo instead. It’s equally quick and requires minimum effort.




If you want edge and are running low on time, a mohawk is always a good option. All you need to do is smooth the sides and get to pinning. Because mohawks are a bit on the messy side, there’s no need to worry about making sure that it’s pinned perfect. Just go with the flow and pin as you go. More than likely, you will get an effortlessly flawless look.

Marley Bun


Okay, so this hair style is very similar to the bun and bang but with a little twist. Instead of using track hair, you’re going to use Marley hair to get this look. Start the same way as you did with the bun and bang by smooth the hair up into a tight bun at the top of your head. Take about 10 strands and Marley hair and pin the strands to the back of the base of your bun. You want to pin it in the middle of the Marley hair so that you can easily wrap it around the bun. Now, before you begin wrapping, start making chunky twists with the hair. This is going to give your bun a little more pizazz. Loosely wrap the twist around your hair for fullness and to ensure coverage, then pin the ends underneath for security.


Protective Style


When in doubt, make a beeline to the protective styles. Whether you decide to get some faux locs, crochet braids, or even kinky twists, anything that keeps your natural hair under wraps is a great way to save time for busy moms. When and if you decide to get a protective style, just remember to keep the tension away from your edges. Too much tension can and will cause breakage, so just be mindful of having your hair done so tight that you feel your eyes beginning to cross! Also, while wearing your protective styles, don’t forget to add some Shedavi Elixir to your scalp to keep it hydrated and prevent itching.


 Written by Bianca Scott

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