Seasonal fruits and veggies for healthier hair: Winter Edition

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Seasonal fruits and veggies for healthier hair: Winter Edition

Why is it so easy to invest in hair products that promote hair growth and so, so hard to make daily choices that make your hair growth goals more attainable? Shedavi’s Crowned Protein Masque works miracles, but wouldn’t it be nice if it could work with your lifestyle choices instead of having to make up for them?


One of the easiest ways to keep your hair growing long and strong is to nourish your body with fruits and vegetables. It’s true when they say that we are what we eat. Our diet has a direct impact on our hair. We put together a list of seasonal fruits and veggies to help keep your hair thriving through the winter.


Carrots are packed with nutrients. Vitamin A encourages sebum production so that your scalp remains naturally moisturized. Boost the benefits of Vitamin A with Shedavi’s Crowned Co-Wash. Carrots also contain vitamins B, C, E, magnesium, and phosphorus. This vitamin and mineral combo increases circulation to your scalp, which stimulates hair growth.  


Ever find a concerning amount of hair when you’re combing or detangling? Iron deficiency is a major cause of hair loss. Make sure you’re getting enough iron by loading up on spinach. Have it in your smoothie at breakfast. Toss it up in a salad for lunch. Saute it with garlic for dinner. Your hair will thank you.

Sweet Potatoes

Beta-carotene gives sweet potatoes their orange color. It helps give your hair a natural shine by encouraging your hair to produce sebum. Shedavi’s Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir, paired with a diet rich in beta-carotene, will have you looking like you walked off a hair commercial.



Tangerines bring a tangy sweetness to a salad and can hold their own as a snack. While you’re munching, tangerines are giving your body a dose of Vitamin C. Your body will use the vitamin to build collagen. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb the iron from your spinach.


Cauliflower also has beta-carotene, but one of it’s biggest benefits is that it easy to incorporate into your diet. Try cauliflower rice, cauliflower pizza crust, and even cauliflower buffalo bites. Add cauliflower to your favorite dishes for your hair and for your health.

You won’t regret adding these winter staples to your grocery grocery list. Share how you’re using Shedavi and a healthy diet to help you grow your hair with the #shedavi. You might find yourself featured on our social media.

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  • Michelle from Atlanta

    I left a comment after I made my first purchase in late 2018. I went out on a limb and spent over $140 on my very first order based off the reviews I read. My hair was over processed May 2018 and late Fall I stumbled across Shedavi Hair products. My hair had never been short until it began shedding and breaking from the relaxer. But ladies when I tell you these products work, they really do!!! I only purchased bundle sets of the hair vitamins and elixir and they have done incredible changes in my hair and nails. My chin hairs grow a bit too much but overall I love the results my hair has received. Its growing back, not too fast but its growing very healthy and thick. The length will come later, I just wanted the fullness and strength back for starters. Shedavi really is amazing !!! I love it !!

  • Denise Thomas

    I’ve been using these hair products close to a year now and I’ve seen tremendous hair growth and my skin get brighter and healthier nails! My hair is so healthy and so thick that I literally have to press it to comb through it and I’ve never had thick hair before! So thank you for your products. I tell my friends all the time about this good stuff! Keep up the good work!

  • Shirley D McDade

    Thanks for these helpful tips regarding hair care.

    Very much appreciated.