The Best Movies to Make Your Wash Day More Enjoyable!

Your wash day is what you make it. It can be a day you dread, and once it arrives, you’d much rather be doing anything else. Every moment spent detangling, deep-conditioning, and styling feels like a lifetime. Your wash day can also be the reverse. It can be a day you look forward to all week, filled with time to pamper yourself and focus solely on you. Whether your wash day is a joy or a burden is completely within your control.

Like anything, there will be parts that you enjoy more than others, but a little distraction can pump up the fun factor. A quality movie will help the time fly by. You might even get hair inspiration in the process. Here are our favorite movies to watch on wash day.


The Dreamgirls soundtrack is made for singalongs. Get lost in the dramatic story of an all-girl music group trying to make it in the 1960s and 70s. Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson bring their A-game both as actors and musicians. Wash day will pass in a whirlwind of costume and song.

Good Hair

Want to laugh and think on wash day? This movie is for you. Chris Rock takes a candid look at the black hair industry. It’s a great balance between light-hearted and illuminating. You’ll definitely learn a thing or two.

Coming to America

Coming to America is one of those movies that you can know like the back of your hand and still want to watch another time, making it perfect for wash day. Let yourself giggle along with Prince Akeem’s antics and your wash day will be over before you know it.

Last Holiday

Love, laughter, and LL Cool J. This Queen Latifah movie has it all. Live vicariously through Georgia Byrd’s last holiday adventures as you work through your hair routine.


If your wash day includes kids, Hercules is an underrated option. It’s kid appropropriate but still engaging for grownups. Disney’s take on Greek mythology won’t disappoint. The Muses’ sass and musical interludes are sure to give you life.

Get Out

Prefer to scare your way through wash day? Try Get Out. The sinister take on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner will have you holding your breath until the very end.

There are so many more wash day movies that we could have included, but we’d rather have your help. What are your go-to wash day movies and why? Share them in the comments below.

Written by Taylor Morrison

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  • Sarah On

    I love the hair vitamins and my hair has grown, haven’t had any since November last year and I what to know, are you having any special discount for the month of April.

  • Hester Fryer On

    Thank You ! I have seen most of the movies except Get Out plan to see it soon. I enjoyed the ones I have seen.
  • Erica Pegouskie On

    Footloose…Kevin Bacon …..when he’s danceing through the mill…because he’s and fun!

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