The Right Way to Rock Ultraviolet: The Color of the Year

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The Pantone Color of the Year announcement always arrives right on time. In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, we all need a little reminder that a new year is coming. The Color of the Year sits in the background as we set fresh goals and dream different dreams.

2018’s color, ultraviolet, is bright and bold. It’s a color for the risk-takers, go-getters, and royalty. We can’t think of a better hue to propel us into the new year. Here’s our take on the best ways to rock ultraviolet for your hair, skin, and nails for 2018.




Ultraviolet’s vibrant hue looks amazing by itself, especially in the winter months. You can add contrast by using ultraviolet as the crescent piece of a crescent manicure. We recommend a cream or pale pink as the base color.  When warmer weather arrives, pair ultraviolet with other equally bright colors for a show stopping mani-pedi.  Think geometric shapes, stripes, and color blocking.




Ultraviolet will be a welcome addition to your makeup bag. Get an ultraviolet eyeliner to add pizzazz to an otherwise traditional eye. You could even experiment with an ultraviolet mascara. If you’re feeling especially daring, invest in an ultraviolet lipstick or eyeshadow. Take a trip to your favorite beauty store to find the iteration of ultraviolet makeup that best fits your style. There’s sure to be something for everyone.




We saved the boldest look for last. Ultraviolet hair is definitely hard to miss. Make a slightly more subtle statement with a single ultraviolet highlight, or go full-force with a completely ultraviolet head of hair. Remember that dyeing your hair can set back your hair growth goals. For that reason, we recommend incorporating ultraviolet into your protective styles. Opt for clip-in extensions, wigs, weaves, and add-in hair so that you can be on-trend without sacrificing growth.



How will you bring the spirit of ultraviolet into 2018? Maybe this is the year that you take that risk you’ve been contemplating for so long, or maybe you book the ticket for your bucket list trip. 2018 is a year for action and for self-love. We hope you make bolder style decisions. We hope you say “yes” to your dreams, no matter how large or small. We hope you become more and more yourself.

What does this year’s color of the year mean for you? We want to hear it in the comments below.

Authored by Taylor Bryant


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