Throw the whole pool away: Caring for chlorine drenched hair

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Summer is in full swing ladies! If you’re like most people, you’ve probably realized that this summer has been much hotter than the ones that we’ve experienced in the past. While many women flock to the beach to take advantage of the melanin gains that mother nature is bestowing upon us, others are a little more low key and have decided to hit up the pool instead. After all, you don’t have to worry about getting stung by a jellyfish, being bit by a shark, or getting sucked into the ocean by an undertow if you’re at the pool, right? So, if you have been frequenting the pool this summer, what are you doing to care for your tresses? That’s right ladies: too much chlorine in your hair can lead to some serious damage if you’re not careful. Don’t let the fear of chlorine prevent you from having a good time at the pool! Keep reading to check out some tips for both preventing damage from chlorine and how to manage it if it does happen.


Tip #1 Get your hair wet ahead of time

You ever notice that when you’re in the shower, your hair seems to have a point to where it just doesn’t get any wetter? Well, you can think of your hair a lot like a sponge. There is only so much that your hair can actually take when it comes to water or moisture. Therefore, the idea behind this is that if you actually make your hair too wet before you go to the pool, then there will not be any room left for additional water to get in.  



Tip #2 Wear a swimming cap even if you’re not swimming

I know the idea of wearing a swimming cap isn’t the most appealing unless you’re about to compete in the Olympics, but swimming caps are not really for fashion so much as functionality. Although they may not keep all the water out, they certainly will help so that your hair won’t get drenched in chlorine. Now, one thing that you might notice is that the cap is pulling on those edges. We all know what happens when there is too much tension on our edges, so make sure you add some oil to the hair to keep it lubricated and prevent any unnecessary breakage.


Tip #3 Add some oil to those tresses



I want you to take a second to think about the function of oil in the LCO or LOC treatment. Is it not meant to hold in liquid or moisture? Well with that notion in mind, it makes sense why adding a bit of oil to your hair before getting in the pool can help to keep your hair from drying out when it gets in contact with the oil. Some suggest using coconut oil or jojoba oil as almost a protective layer to use in your hair prior to exposing it to chlorine. Alternatively, you can put in some leave-in conditioner. Apparently, in the case of providing a protective layer form chlorine, it can work just as well as an oil will.


Tip #4 Rinse, Rinse, Repeat.

 Although this isn’t really rocket science, you want to be sure to rinse your hair with clean water as much as possible when you get out of the pool, even if you decide not to actually wash it. Anything you can do to rid your hair of that excess chlorine is better than just leaving it in there to dry on its own.


Tip #5 When in doubt, treat your hair with protein



No matter what we do to try to prevent our hair from getting damaged, sometimes there is just no stopping it. If this happens to you as a result of being exposed to chlorine or salt water, then we recommend using the Shedavi Protein Masque to revitalize your tresses and get them looking and feeling healthy again. All you have to do is add some to your hair after rinsing it with clean water, let it sit for 15-30 minutes, then rinse hair one more time. You’ll feel the difference after only one use! 


So there you have it! 5 tips for managing chlorine in your hair for the remainder of the summer. Don’t be scared to get in the pool girl. Just take our word for it and dive in! What other advice do you have your fellow hair sisters? Tell us about it in the comments.


Written by Bianca Scott



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