Tips for Your Best Wash and Go This Summer

Summer is the season for rocking the wash and go, which seems to be one of those styles that you either love because it’s easy for you and you’ve mastered it on your hair or you avoid because you just can’t seem to get it right. If you have type 4 natural hair like I do, a great wash and go can be a challenging to achieve. You might even think that your hair lacks any visible curl pattern, but it is far more likely that you just haven’t found the combination of technique and products that’s just right for making your curls pop. I’ll talk about type 4 hair a lot because 1. I’m a type 4 natural and I can pull from my own experience and 2. Type 4 naturals are the ones who generally have more difficulty in achieving a great wash and go.


Product(s) + Technique(s) = Wash and go success 



You need the right products and techniques for your hair in order to achieve wash and go success. There are creams, custards, puddings and gels that all promise to bring your curls to life. Stick to gels and custards if you are a type 4 natural and leave the creams and puddings to naturalistas with looser curls. Custards and gels will give you the best definition and provide you with the hold needed for a lasting style. If you experience a lot of shrinkage you will likely benefit from using heavier products to elongate your curls and make them more visible. Layering different products is also a great way to create weight on the hair, but you must ensure that the products you layer work well together so that flaking and itching do not result. It may take some time to figure out the best products for your hair, but that’s pretty much the norm when you have natural hair. Being patient is key.



Once you have the products figured out, you need to figure out the best ways to apply them in order to achieve optimal results. This is the second part of the equation and it’s equally important to achieving a great wash and go. Here are some tips for applying products to your hair.

1. Start with hair that is clean and build up free

2. Hair should be soaking wet

3. Apply your products to small sections to ensure all strands are coated and help awaken your curls.

4. Try a combination of raking the product through each section with your fingers and smoothing the product onto each section using the palm of booth hands. Some people find that using a denman brush can help with clumping their curls together. This doesn’t work for me, but it might work for you.


Smooth product onto wet hair using the palm of both hands


If you have sections that have very little definition you can do two strand twists or flat twists to create more definition. Something I like to do is to twist my hair in loose jumbo twists once I’m done applying the products to my hair. I do this because it helps to stretch my hair and minimize shrinkage and creates more definition and movement once my hair has dried. It also helps my wash and go last longer. Once your hair has set, applying Shedavi’s Hair and Scalp Growth Elixir will help remove any crunch from the hair as well as add shine to your locks.


What’s your favorite way to wear your hair in the summer? Please share your summer style tips with us below in the comment section.



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  • Yemi Makinde On

    Hi if i buy this product for my hair will it grow because my hair is alredy damage the middle of my hair the edges no hair again and my age is 67years will my be grow again because of my age

  • Mary On

    I just bought hair pills they came in the mail on yesterday, I’m so excited will post results soon!!

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