To Weave or Not to Weave? Do's and Don'ts of Adding Extensions to Your Child's Hair

With school right around the corner, you may be trying to decide on how you want to style your daughter’s hair. Some people may be thinking of getting a perm and curls while others might be considering doing something a little more daring like adding extensions. With that being said, let’s take a second to talk about hair extensions for kids. Are there certain guidelines you should follow before taking that leap? Absolutely. Keep reading below to see some of the do’s and don’ts that you should take into consideration when adding extensions to your child’s hair this school year.


Don’t add extensions to their hair too early.

Probably the biggest mistake that a mother can make is to start putting extensions into their child’s hair too early. Because a child’s hair is constantly changing up until they hit puberty, it’s going to go through a lot of thickness, texture, and even color changes. As a result, her hair can just about be considered vulnerable up until it finds its “niche”—for lack of a better term.  Keeping that in mind, it’s best to refrain from using extensions until she reaches the double digits if you can. You really want to give her hair the chance to flourish.


Do keep the hair moisturized.



When you’re allowing your child to wear extensions, you want to be sure to keep her hair as moisturized as possible. We recommend treating her hair before you do the install with the Shedavi Crowned Protein Masque which will help to strengthen the hair prior to using the extensions. On top of strengthening the hair and keeping it moisturized, the formula also aids in growth retention. You can’t beat that with a stick. Also, while the hair is in a protective style like braids or crochet, it is recommended to add some type of moisture to the scalp to ensure that it doesn’t get too dry. Our advice? Mix a little bit of water to your Shedavi Elixir oil and squirt directly to the scalp every other day. Trust…your baby’s hair will appreciate you.


Don’t add hair that is too long.


It can get so easy to want your child to look glamorous that you forget that she is in fact a child. Try not to add hair that is more than two or three inches longer than her natural hair. You don’t want her to think that’s she needs length to be beautiful.  We appreciate all lengths when dealing with our baby divas!   


Do use lightweight extensions.

One of the major ways to ruin your child’s hair is by adding hair to her head that is entirely too heavy. Remember, her strands are precious, and you don’t want to overload them with weave. Always go for styles that are lightweight and don’t pull too hard on the strands. This will reduce breakage and also not strain the hair.


Don’t leave the extensions in for too long.

You know how we sometimes like to leave our weave in our heads for months at a time? Well unfortunately you can’t do that when putting weave in your child’s head. No matter what you’re putting into her head or how long it takes to install, we recommend not leaving the weave in her head for longer than 3 weeks. Her hair needs to breathe because its still trying to get to that healthy state.


Do take care of those edges



As an adult, I really wish that my mother would have read this article. It took a lot of time for me to regrow my edges after having them break off when I was younger as a result of having too tights braids and hair that was too heavy. Knowledge is power, so please take heed to my warning: your child’s edges are delicate. In fact, they will probably not be this delicate again until she grows to be in her senior years. Therefore, you MUST be careful when doing braids and twists—especially ones that involve weave. If you do them too tight, they will break off. Period. The only difference between children and adults is that messing those edges up as a child can lead to bald spots until they’re old enough to start trying to fix the problem themselves. Please don’t be that parent that is so caught up in having their child’s hair look “snatched” that you neglect to take care of the health of her hair. Make sure that you treat those edges like the delicate beings that they are.

Don’t add too many extensions to her hair.



The last piece of advice we’ll give you is to not add too much hair to her head. Because the hairs on her head are in a fragile state, you don’t want to make the head heavy and add too much weave. We danced around this idea before when we said use lightweight extensions, but even with them being lightweight, you can still overdo it with how many you insert. Try to make sure that the parts are big and chunky. Also, steer clear of micro braids, micros twist, and other hairstyles that will require a lot of hair. Less in always more when it comes to the health of your kid’s hair.


What other tips do you have for your fellow mothers who want to add extensions to their child’s head? Tell us about it in the comments!


Written by Bianca Scott


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    I sweat in my hair does that stop it from growing or will it take a longer time?

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    Love your scalp elixir! Are planning to add a braid spray to your collection?

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    Do You Have these products for natural wavy hair

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