Why You Need to Drink Water for Flourishing Hair

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Why You Need to Drink Water for Flourishing Hair

Believe it or not, not only do you need to drink water, your hair does too. It’s true ladies. When you drink more water, you are also helping to maintain healthy tresses in the process. How does that work? Keep reading to see how drinking water helps to grow healthy hair.


Drinking Water Helps Hair Grow

Pause. Notice I said drinking water helps hair grow, not just putting water onto your hair. There is a difference, and I’ll tell you why. Just like your body needs water so that it can function properly, so does your hair.

Check this out: about 25% of your hair strand is made up of water. Therefore, if you’re not drinking enough of it, then your hair is not getting the base it needs to be healthy. Think of your hair like a plant. A plant takes in water from its roots in order to grow strong. So does your tresses.   

If you do not drink enough water, then your hair will stop growing at a healthy rate. In fact, it’s said that dehydration can halt hair growth altogether. Do you know what that means? That means that going all day without water does more than have you feeling drained. It can also affect your hair’s health as well. 

Drinking Water Helps the Scalp

I hinted towards this earlier, but drinking more water helps to eliminate some scalp problems like dandruff. The why behind this is easy enough to understand if you know what causes dandruff: dryness. Yes, you can put some amazing products on it externally, but to really get to the root of the issue (pun intended), it’s important for you to drink more water. 

How Much Water to Drink for Healthy Hair

Now, understand that you just can’t drink a bottle of water and call it a day. There’s a lot more to it than that. Think about it like this. If you don’t drink enough water to even keep your body hydrated, what makes you think that only drinking a few ounces will be enough to even reach your hair, let alone hydrate it. Not drinking enough water leads to dry, brittle ends. And we all know what happens whenever our ends get too dry.

So therein lies the question... how much water should you drink? Contrary to popular belief, you may need more than just 8 cups of water a day to be completely hydrated. In fact, it’s closer to half your body weight in ounces! That may or may not be a considerable amount more than what you’re used to. So just take it slow and increase your intake each day until you reach your goal.

Now, to nourish your hair from the inside, we recommend taking the Shedavi Vitamins for hair growth. Our vitamins are made up of over a dozen different nutrients that are great for growing healthy tresses. On top of nourishing your hair from the inside, you should also help it hydrated externally as well Crowned Co-Wash  and Moisturizing Conditioner are both excellent ways to keep the hair hydrated. As always, we recommend using Shedavi products to maintain moisture in addition to drinking your water. 

How is your water intake? Let us know in the comments!

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