Winter Wash Day Recommendations for Your Climate

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Winter Wash Day Recommendations for Your Climate

Winter looks different in every climate. I’m from Chicago, where weather in the 30s feels like a tropical vacation in February. For three months, it seems like someone has taken a giant straw and sucked all the moisture out of my hair, skin, and nails. My friends in the South have different winter hair struggles, and some of my friends on the West Coast barely notice it’s winter. There’s no one size fits all hair regimen for the winter. It’s so dependent on climate and, of course, your own hair type. I’ve gathered a few recommendations for your winter wash days and beyond. Use these tips as a starting point for making adjustments to your winter hair care routine.



The South may not get snow like other parts of the country, but it gets plenty of rain. With winds from Canada and Mexico meeting to form a perfect storm, you never know what the weather will be like. You’ll definitely want to add our Wash + Go Gel to your wash day staples. It will keep your curls popping and help your style fight against the elements.


For you, winters are just as dry as other seasons. It’s just a little colder. Our Leave-In Conditioner will give you a little extra moisture to help you combat the cooler temperatures. And if you’ll be rocking more accessories than usual to keep you warm, make sure they’re satin or silk. We don’t want any breakage!

Midwest + East Coast

You’re combatting frigid cold, dry weather, and extra friction between your hair and winter accessories. Your hair needs all of the TLC you can give it. Our Crowned Protein Masque has all seven amino acids to replenish your hair from all the potential winter damage.

Pacific Northwest

You’re no stranger to precipitation, and you’ll likely see plenty of rain, and snow, in your winter forecasts. You won’t need to make too many changes to your winter wash day routine. Our Hair Growth Starter Bundle will help you continue to move towards your hair growth goals, even in the dead of winter.

Hopefully these tips and product recommendations will keep your hair thriving this winter, wherever you are. Remember that you’re the expert on your hair, so test and learn until you find a winter wash day routine that works for you. Share your winter looks using #shedavi. You might see yourself featured on our social media.

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