Bianca's Hair Journey: 6 Weeks In…What’s the Scoop?

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Hello my fair natural ladies! So, I have returned to you about six weeks into my healthy hair journey to talk a little bit about how things have been going with my hair. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get my hair straightened, so I don’t have any photos of any length changes that I may have had with my hair.  However, that is not to say that I have not been experiencing any changes at all. In fact, my experience is a little different than what I was expecting; however, I’m embracing these changes and will go ahead and sum them up below.



Although my hair may not have grown more than quarter of an inch (which is hard to really say because it’s not even straightened or blown out) My hair is visibly healthier. I’m talking about elasticity of the hair, no excess drying out, the roots seem to be thicker, and the hair is just softer overall.  Here’s a comparison from a month ago of that same lock of hair.


The right side is the older photo and the left side is the newer one.  I alluded to some of these effects in my previous article, but six weeks in, it is definitely in full swing.  I know they say that with healthy hair comes length, so I’m hoping that my healthier hair is a foreshadowing of some inches to come along later in the year. I know I said I was going to try the inversion method on my hair to stimulate the growth, but I really just haven’t had time.  I’ve only moisturized my scalp with a little bit of the Elixir oil every other day and taken my vitamins.  Because I was having a hard time remembering when to take them at morning and evenings, I have gone to just taking both at the same time before I go to bed.  I drink a bottle of water with the them and I’m good to go.  No side effects, no hassle. 



Although it’s hard for me to see any changes in my hair because it’s not straightened, this is definitely not the case when it comes to my nails.  I’m going to cut them down soon, but here’s a photo of how they look now. 

My friends tell me that I had nails before, but they have since grown to look more like talons since I’ve been using the Shedavi products.  Sadly, they may have a point.  Would you believe me if I said I actually broke two of them last week?  They’ve already started to fill in.  If you’re looking to use the Shedavi products for growing your nails, I can say without a doubt that it will work.  The results are ridiculous. I mean, do you see how long my nails are?! It’s amazing!



So again, last month I alluded to the fact that my skin was starting to do a slight glow.  Well, six weeks in... the glow up is still real, and my skin looks very healthy.  No new acne, no discoloration, just well taken care of looking skin.  It’s definitely a nice change from having ugly bumps randomly pop up on my face.


So, to sum up my 6 week update, I’m seeing changes in the way my hair looks and feels, crazy long nails, and beautiful glowing skin. I can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store for me!


P.S. I promise I’ll have a straightened hair comparison for next time!



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  • Tangier' edges has improved : April 03, 2017

    Hello everyone I’ve posted on the edges problem sometimes in beginning of February
    Well I’ve have seen some regrowth in the bald area of my edges it has peach fuss so I’m excited to see it I take my vitamins everyday having missed any sense stay taken them on February 7th I’m very happy
    To know how important it is better taken care of my hair compare to relaxer oh yes
    On march 22nd I’ve cut it all off it was time
    For me to have natural hair so thanks to the
    Finally have made the right decision to be good to my hair keeping moisturizies I’ve learned some essential steps in hair care regiments I will be back to keep you posted on my continue journey as I stayed focused on taking my Shedavi vitamins and elixirs oil
    Edges growing!!

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