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Elizabeth's Journey To Healthy Hair... And How She Created Her Own Empire!

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Elizabeth's Journey To Healthy Hair... And How She Created Her Own Empire!

Join us in wishing our Proprietress Elizabeth the happiest, most blessing-filled birthday EVER! From managing multi million dollar construction projects to building her own multi-million dollar black-owned business; Elizabeth has shown drive, determination and GROWTH that we can all look up to. She truly is a GIRL BOSS and today we want to share her personal journey about how she created a hair revolution with Shedavi.

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A Little Girl’s Healthy Hair Dreams

Obsessed with hairstyling, Elizabeth used to practice hairstyles on her mom and sister’s hair as well as other friends and family. Throughout her childhood exploration, she loved to try new hairstyles on herself. This fascination led her down the rabbit hole of learning and exploring ingredients from various cultures and traditions that promote healthy hair for everyone.

The Quest to Find a Holistic Hair Care Solution

Working as a project engineer in a building construction firm, she gathered skills and experience in management from the company. Even while working her favorite pastime was learning about growing her hair. She received tons of compliments from friends and strangers alike about her long, thick hair & they wondered how she achieved it.

She realized that hectic schedules and lack of knowledge made it tough for people to grow out their own hair and since she valued creativity, she needed to find a solution. This realization led to her sharing styling and hair growth tips as a creative outlet which then fueled her passion for finding a holistic hair care solution that was 100% Cruelty free, Vegan and Natural!

Revolutionary Hair Care that Works Inside and Out!

Upon her quest, Elizabeth noticed that the market only had either topical products or ingestibles but never a combination that supported hair growth. She also noticed that the formulas on the market heavily relied on synthetic vitamins and low-grade oils. She knew exactly what to create to revolutionize the market of hair growth solutions.This led her to create a unique blend of over 20 different oils from traditions like African Culture, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, which she then gathered into a concentrated, life-changing formula. Ensuring that no harm comes to the body and no compromises on health, these oils along with superfoods like Amla, stood as a powerhouse not just for hair growth but for every customer to look good and feel good. She also used this research to develop the hair vitamin with essential herbs from around the world to promote hair growth and a healthy body.



Fun Fact: The first batch of our Hair Growth Elixir was made by Elizabeth herself in her kitchen with the help of her roommate!!


Success and Praise

Shedavi launched 6 years ago with the first Hair Growth Duo. The excitement was indescribable for those in search of a complete hair growth system. The first year of sales? MASSIVE! She knew that this was something the world needed. All her hard work within the black beauty industry and her desire to help others grow hair faster was paying off and gaining traction. Ever since, the brand has been growing its product offerings and garnering praise from well known institutions like Forbes & Oprah magazine where thousands of women became familiar with and trusted in Shedavi.

We’re still one of the most trusted names in natural hair growth and hair care with thousands of reviews from women around the world!

Fun Fact: Recently, she attended Cosmetology school in order to learn more about the science behind hair care. 

My Journey with Shedavi is Lifelong

As a black business woman, Elizabeth knew that Shedavi could go much further, being a holistic hair care solution for all and a pillar for the textured hair community. Since inception, many women wanting longer hair or experiencing hair loss, have started their journey to healthy hair with Shedavi.

“When I first began my hair journey, I struggled with growth and retaining length. This affected my confidence in knowing that I could actually reach my hair goals. I researched and learned more about my hair type and what personally worked for me.  I started experimenting with ingredients, products and styles. This allowed me to know more about myself and in turn retain length. Once I did this I was able to accomplish the goals I had set forth and my confidence grew. I encourage anyone who uses Shedavi products to apply these steps towards their hair, health and life in order to confidently move towards the goals they aspire to.” - Elizabeth

Elizabeth continues to be an inspiration to the entire Shedavi community. Happy Birthday!

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  • Sheree Benjamin

    We LOVE Shedavi products! I use The elixir in all 4 of my girls hair and I’m constantly asked what I use in their hair. I can personally say that The Shedavi line has grown my families hair and made an overall healthy impact on our hair growth journey. Our family will be a life time customer.

  • Terry Muhammad

    Lil Liz mom and I are the best of friends. The three of us would be on the phone for hours discussing Liz hair products I believe I was one of her first group of customer in fact we share birthdays . Im so proud of this young lady however I’m not surprised her mom is a champion of a lady raised 3 professional children with God by her side therefore, lil Liz had no where to go but to the highest level of success Happy bday queen enjoy your day