Hairstory: Jasmine's 2-Month Update

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Hey Ladies!

Its been two months since I've started my healthy hair journey with Shedavi and I have learned so much. I've gotten my hair cut twice, learned a new method to apply product, and gained so much patience with my curly hair. After two months in, my hair has reached an amazing level of health. With that being said, I learned what not to do as well. There are a few things I overlooked that I've realized has been detrimental to my hair health and growth. 

Here is what I recommend you to avoid while reaching maximum length.

       Do NOT skip a day while taking vitamins. I accidently missed one day of taking my vitamins and it turned into 3 days simply out of mere laziness. Dont allow laziness prevent you from reaching your best hair.

       Do NOT skip conditioning your hair. I think I can go longer without cleansing my hair versus conditioning. Conditioning your hair is nourishing your hair strand to last longer and maintain health which is uber important.

       Do NOT ignore your ends. I've been so focused on maintaining my scalp; I neglected to maintain the oldest part of my hair: my ends. It's important to make sure you are moisturizing, sealing, and conditioning your ends to retain as much as length as possible. 

Here is what I recommend you do to reach maximum length.

       Use conditioning and moisturizing products to maintain and style your hair. Ingredients play a major role in long term health and I recommend products that utilize its ingredients to growth and maintain your hair. 

       Always detangle your curly hair while it's wet. Attempting to detangle curly hair any other time is  setting yourself up for a large amount of breakage. 

      To retain length, maintaining your ends and scalp will be the best approach. I used Shedavi scalp elixir on both for long shiny hair. 

As you can see, health hair and length is definitely the goal. I cannot wait to see where I will be with one more month left! How do you maintain healthy hair? 

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  • Rashidah Ali-Jackson: March 24, 2017

    I started using Hair Growth Starter Bundle on March 21th I can already see a change in my skin and around my edges it’s amazing can’t wait to see what happens in a month.

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