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Hello, I am Jasmine, a natural hair enthusiast and beauty creative. I fell in love with natural hair in 2012 when I decided that my bra strap length, relaxed hair had enough of the creamy crack. I desired longer and thicker hair that I previously had before. Over the years of using a relaxer, my hair had become noticeably thin and I was completely frustrated with it. After 2-3 weeks of transitioning, my frustration got the best of me and I chopped off my relaxed hair and never looked back since. My first year of returning to natural hair, I wore protective styles after protective styles simply because I was unsure of how to maintain my new texture. After studying, researching, and 3,000 YouTube videos later, I slayed my first twist out and I’ve been dedicated to empowering women to love themselves and slay all aspects of beauty- self-love, skin care, hair etc.  As of now at 4 years in, my natural hair is mid back length, has type 4 hair characteristics, survived heat damage twice, scalp fungus, and thicker than ever.


During the beginning of my hair journey, my skin took a toll as well. Most of my life, my skin has been very hyperactive. From oily to combination skin and acne, I’ve struggled with maintaining healthy skin. Now that I’ve mastered my regimen, I am most excited to see my skin and body in its healthiest state.


My hair goal is to maintain my hair in its healthiest state and to reach maximum growth. I am aiming for lower back length, healthier scalp, and thicker/fuller hair. Another goal of mine is to dedicate myself to having clearer skin and stronger & longer nails. These are small goals that will help my reach my main personal goal for 2017, a healthier me. Hair, skin, nails, and personal state of mind are all reflective of your overall health and I am determined to make that my priority for 2017. My goals are not impossible but, they do require an effective regimen! How do I plan to reach my goals? Taking Shedavi on this journey with me!


Here is my healthy hair & growth regimen for 2017

  • Wash and deep condition bi-weekly
  • Monitor and trim ends as needed
  • Massage and oil my scalp and ends daily
  • Wear low manipulation styles and protective styles allowing at least one week of my hair free from styles
  • Drink a gallon of water daily
  • Consume 75% vegetables with each meal
  • Take Shedavi Hair Skin Nails Vitamins as directed


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