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I originally wanted an adventure-filled honeymoon to Thailand. Exploring islands and visiting elephant sanctuaries. What I got instead was a relaxing trip to Punta Cana. It was exactly what I needed. I spent my days drifting from the beach to lunch to the pool then back to the beach and off to dinner. It was glorious. I barely wore makeup, and I kept my hair styling to a minimum. My primary focuses were unwinding from months of high-stress and enjoying married life with my new husband.

Here’s how I stayed chill and chic on my honeymoon:


I packed two sun hats that played triple duty. They completed my outfit, protected me from the sun, and drastically reduced my styling time. Big sun hats are on trend right now, so you can find them pretty much everywhere. You’re sure to find a hat that fits your style.

Bobby pins

When I wanted to get a little fancier, I’d put my hair up in a simple, twisted updo. All I needed were bobby pins and my favorite hair products. Add bobby pins to your carry-on, and the styling possibilities are almost endless.

Satin pillowcase

I worked hard to get healthy hair for my wedding day, and I was not going to let a week’s worth of relaxation set me back. Regular cotton pillowcases lead to hair breakage. Bring your own silk or satin pillowcase for shining hair and glowing skin.

Multi-purpose hair products

Between TSA and airline baggage regulations, there’s only so much space for hair products. Almost every product I packed could serve more than one purpose. For example, coconut oil is great for sealing in moisture, nourishing skin, and removing makeup. I also packed curl-defining styling creams,  hair cleansers that detangled, and more.


Shedavi vitamins

I’ll be honest, I did not eat well on my honeymoon. I indulged, as one should. Shedavi’s hair growth vitamin helps keep my hair growth on track by providing my hair, skin, and nails with the nutrients they need to look and grow their best, even when I’m not eating for beauty.




Wraps, like hats, are versatile and easy to throw on. Bring wraps in a few different colors and textures, so you’re covered for all your outfits. Dress your wrap down for the beach and dress it up for a nice dinner.

Protective style

If you want simplicity and you have some time between your wedding and honeymoon, get a protective style. You’ll have zero hair worries, and your new husband can have all of your attention.

What hair accessories did you bring on your honeymoon? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Authored By Taylor Bryant


  • Berta: January 15, 2018

    Is there a shampoo with this SHEDAVI or just vitamin and oil?

  • Carol: September 08, 2017

    I would like to see more success stories with pictures. I am interested in purchasing this product, but a bit skeptic.

    Please help, I am on a hair growth journey and can’t risk a set-back.


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