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Protecting Your Hair from the Sun

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Protecting Your Hair from the Sun

If you live in a city with seasons, you’re probably just as excited as I am to see the sun making a regular appearance. It’s time for sundresses, sunshine, and sunkissed skin. While you’re making the most of the summer, remember that the sun can have very real effects on your hair. In fact, Black hair is more susceptible to sun damage because of the texture. Don’t let this season be a stumbling block on your journey to healthy hair. Here’s how to look out for your hair this summer.


Cover up

The best advice is to keep your summer festivities to the mornings and evenings, but that’s not realistic. If you plan to be out and about during the heat of the day, make hats and scarves your best friend. By covering up, you’re protecting your scalp from getting burned, looking out for your hair cuticles, and also caring for your skin.

Lay off

Your hair is already getting plenty of heat from the sun. The sun’s rays alone can cause frizz, dullness, and damage, so take it easy on heat styling. Opt for low manipulation styles that won’t exacerbate the sun’s impact. Shedavi’s Crowned Styling Bundle will help you achieve a variety of looks without need to reach for a blow dryer or flat iron.


Show love

Give your hair extra TLC in the summer months. Use Shedavi’s Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir to keep your scalp moisturized. Take your Hair Growth Vitamins, and deep condition with the Protein Masque regularly. The sun’s rays won’t stand a chance against your intentional self-care.

Don’t dye

Rethink your hair color choices for the summer. Any color that requires bleach could be asking for trouble. The combination of lightening and sun is a recipe for breakage, which will definitely set back your hair growth journey. If you want to go lighter, consider weaves, wigs, and feed-in hair for your summer styles.

Swim safely

Chlorine and sun rays are another not-so dynamic duo. Seek out fresh water or salt water if you can. If swimming in a pool is your only option, make sure to thoroughly wash and condition your hair after each swim.

Now you’ve got the knowledge to enjoy summer without experiencing the dark side of the sun. Cheers to another season of growing our hair long and strong. Show us how you use Shedavi for your summer looks using #shedavi for a chance to be featured.

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