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Secrets of the South: The Power of Saw Palmetto for Hair

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Secrets of the South: The Power of Saw Palmetto for Hair

The Power of Saw Palmetto

Not too long ago I told you about one of the super ingredients in the Shedavi vitamins called baobab. It’s one of the not-so-popular plants which can cause your hair to grown incredibly beautiful and super healthy. Well sis, I have another one for you that I know you’ve probably never heard of: saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is actually seen in abundance in the southeastern portion of the U.S., so chances are if you’ve ever gone to Florida then you’ve seen it before. However, you may not realize that you should be adding it to your haircare regimen. Take a look below to find out the power of saw palmetto.



Saw Palmetto Origins

Like I mentioned earlier, saw palmetto is local to the southern region of North America, in fact, locals have been using it for its medicinal properties for several years. The secret to their juice (no pun intended) rests in its berries. Researchers claim that saw palmetto works by affecting the same enzyme that causes both men and women to start losing their hair by blocking the DHT that causes hair thinning.


Benefit of Saw Palmetto

As you might have guessed, there are many benefits to saw palmetto. The first being to prevent or reverse hair loss in both men and women. The saw palmetto helps to balance the hormones which is one of the main reasons that hair thinning and baldness occurs in the first place.

Now for the men, another major benefit is that it supports a healthier prostate and urinary tract, so if you suffer from any issues in that realm, you’ll get an added bonus on top of thicker hair. 


How to Use Saw Palmetto

Many topical products contain saw palmetto, but you know that we want to be sure that you get all the benefits. That’s why it’s one of the ingredients in the Shedavi hair vitamins. All you have to do is take one vitamin twice a day to make your hair and body healthier.

Have you ever heard of saw palmetto? Tell us in the comments!



Written by Bianca Scott

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