Texturizer vs Relaxer: Let’s Settle This.

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With winter in full swing and spring right around the corner, there may be some of you who are considering making a drastic hair change. No, we’re not talking about going natural. Actually, we’re going to focus on the opposite: texturizers and perms. Unlike what you may have heard, they are not the same thing. Also unlike what you may have heard, they are not as bad as some people make them out to be. Keep reading to get the scoop on exactly what happens when you get a texturizer or a relaxer.


Texturizer 101


First things first: let’s talk about what a texturizer is and what it is not. A texturizer can be described as a chemical process which has the purpose of loosening a curl pattern and making it more manageable. To get a little more scientific, the chemicals are used to alter the structure of the proteins, like keratin, that make up your hair. The texturizer breaks the bonds in the hair protein which gives that look of a looser curl pattern.




Please understand that there is no such thing as a natural texturizer. In other words, once you put a texturizer into you hair, you will no longer be considered natural. The reasoning is simple enough to understand— unlike a hair dye, a texturizer permanently alters the texture of your hair. So if you have tight kinks now, using a texturizer can and will change that.  


So, how do you apply a texturizer to your hair? Using a texturizer involves mixing a crème with an activator. After leaving it on for 5-10 minutes, you would rinse the concoction out of your hair then follow up with a neutralizing shampoo (to stop the chemicals from reacting) and conditioner.


Relaxer 101

Now that you understand what a texturizer is, we’ll switch gears and talk about the relaxers. A relaxer or perm as it is so affectionately called, is a chemical process that has the purpose of straightening your hair. Like the texturizer, a perm works by breaking the bonds of the protein that’s in your hair. Unlike the texturizer, you will not have any curl pattern to your hair whatsoever if you elect to use a perm.



Another component of relaxers is whether there is the presence of lye. Lye relaxers are made with sodium hydroxide and tend to be stronger which means that they work faster. The only downside is that they don’t last as long as a no-lye relaxer. No lye relaxers are made out of calcium hydroxide and they are much better for people who have sensitive scalps. The one downside is that this type of relaxer is very drying and can cause buildup if not rinsed out properly. Applying a relaxer is the same as applying a texturizer with the difference being that you will leave the relaxer on longer than the texturizer.


Which is Best?


Deciding on which one is best for your hair depends on what look you’re ultimately trying to accomplish long term. If you’re looking for your hair to appear wavy or just looser in general, then a texturizer would be the better option. The texturizer will make your hair more manageable and you should still have some type of curl. One thing to note that because you are loosening your texture and not completely making it straight, it will be difficult to achieve that same exact texture if you were to apply it to new growth. Therefore, texturizers are best for those with short to medium hair. On the other hand, if your goal is to completely eliminate frizz and to get bone straight tresses, then a relaxer is your best option. Also, a relaxer is much more forgiving than a texturizer in that you can have any length hair and get a touch up without having to worry about your hair looking different.


With either option, you are guaranteed to have hair that is easier to style. However, we encourage you to use caution when applying chemicals to your hair. Overprocessing can be dangerous and cause hair loss, scalp burn, hair thinning, and overall irritation. You can prevent these negative effects by simply going to a professional and being sure to use a moisturizing conditioner like Shedavi Leave-In conditioner to keep the hair from becoming dry and dull. Chemical processes tend to dry the hair out, so you’ll need as much lightweight moisture you can get your hands on. The Shedavi Elixir is another good item to add to your list to keep your hair looking fresh between touch ups.


Regardless of if you have a perm, texturizer, or if you’re natural, Shedavi products can help keep your hair healthy and looking beautiful. What are some of the ways that you care for your relaxed or texturized hair? Tell us about it in the comments.          

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  • Jacque' Marshall: February 07, 2019

    With relaxed (or any chemically treated) hair, you have to keep your hair and scalp well moisturized. Most importantly, you have to wait the 6-8 weeks in-between relaxers to avoid over-processed hair!

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