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The Power of Baobab

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The Power of Baobab

Hey hair friends! So by now you’ve either started or are well into your hair journey and you’ve researched just about every magical plant or oil that’s out there in the market. Whether it be the shea butter, the olive oil, the castor oil, or even jojoba, you’ve looked at it and know what it does for your tresses. Sis, what if I told you that there is more. There are other super plants that you haven’t heard of, and they can have you looking like a Rapunzel out here? Allow me to introduce you to a little something called baobab.


Baobab - Nature’s Secret Weapon

Baobab is a tree that is often produced as an oil that is jam-packed with a host of nutrients and vitamins that can be used to improve your overall beauty regimen. Native to Africa, Australia, and the Middle East, the fruit from the baobab tree is typically taken then allowed to dry before being eaten or put into a powder. From there, people tend to add it to their food or smoothies so that they can get the benefits of it instantly. Whether as a fruit or a powder, baobab is heavy in vitamin C, potassium, iron, and other important nutrients.


Benefits of baobab

So now that you have the skinny on what baobab is and where it comes from, the next question is what does it actually do to help you? For one, it boosts the antioxidants in your body. You know antioxidants are useful for fighting those free radicals in your cells that cause you to age faster. Many believe that baobab has the highest concentration of antioxidant per serving--even more than matcha or goji berries. 

Another great benefit is that it soothes dry skin. Those of you who are like me and suffer from scalp issues such as eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, you already know how annoying it can be to walk around with snowflakes on your clothes. Baobab is to our problems for it can help to eliminate those dry skin and scalp problems that cause discomfort and embarrassment.


Also, the plant helps by giving your hair and nails all the goodness it needs to grow healthier and silkier. Those days where your nails start to look brittle and crack? Forget about them. How about your hair appearing lackluster and unhealthy? Not when you’re using baobab. This is mostly due to the fact that it contains an exceptional amount of collagen-producing and moisturizing elements that make it great for treating hair and nails that have experienced damage.

How to use baobab

If you want to reap the benefits of this amazing ingredient, all you have to do is get your Shedavi Elixir and use it on your hair and scalp every day. Yes, ladies. Shedavi has already made it easy for you to get your Rapunzel on and start making your hair healthier. Whether you have a protective style or you’re rocking your real hair, you can add a few drops of Elixir to your hair and/or scalp to see how the baobab works for you.

Have you ever used baobab before? Tell us in the comments!

Written by Bianca Scott

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