Hairstyles to Wear to the Black Panther Premiere!

Did anyone else’s jaw drop when they saw the red carpet at the Black Panther premiere? I know I can’t be the only one. The colors. The range of African, African-inspired, and Afro-futuristic clothing was nothing short of awe-inspiring. And the hairstyles tied every look together.

My invitation to the premiere must have gotten lost in the mail, but I’m still planning my own glow up when I see the movie in theaters. Best believe I’ll be taking my Whole Food Vitamins to help my skin look as good as it possibly can. I’ll do minimal face makeup, using my favorite highlighters to make my melanin pop and adding a lipstick for extra impact.

Outfit-wise, I’ll either go with bold prints and a simple silhouette or vice versa. It all depends on what I decide to do with my hair. Here are the Black Panther red carpet looks and hairstyles that will be inspiring my choice:


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Tribal Topknot

Lupita slays in regal purple, and Issa stuns in a multi-colored dress. Both topknots are an ode to the architectural styles of African tribes. The look is easy to execute and adds an unexpected dimensionality. If you want extra pizzazz, incorporate beads or shells like Issa did.


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Full on Fro

What better place to wear your afro than a viewing of the Black Panther? Yara Shahidi updates the Afrocentric 70s look and brings it to modern times in this carefree ensemble. Try a twist out or a Bantu knot out for a similar hairstyle. Consider wearing a wig for extra protection and fullness.


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All Around Texture

Angela Bassett did not shy away from texture with this look. Head to toe fringe coupled with textured tresses makes for a bold statement. This is a perfect opportunity to incorporate a wig or weave for a protective style that any Wakondan would be proud to wear.


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Billowing Braid

Let your hair steal the show with a full-bodied braid. Add in extra hair to create as much fullness as possible. Choose a simple face or a simple outfit so as not to overpower the hairstyle.

Now it’s your turn to choose. Have you decided what you’ll wear to the Black Panther? Don’t forget to use Shedavi’s  Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir for additional shine. Share your Black Panther look ideas and tips below, and we’d love for you to tag us on social media.


Authored By: Taylor Morrison

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