Products For Curly Girls, By Curly Girls

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Products For Curly Girls, By Curly Girls

Products for Curly Hair Women

One Product Doesn’t Fit All: The Need for a Special Line for Curly Hair

For decades, many of us across the world have been sitting on the outskirts of euro-centric beauty standards. Whether the standards related to the color of your skin or the shape of your body, businesses within the beauty industry rarely catered to persons with black and brown skin. Make-up rarely went beyond a tan shade, and similarly, hair care was generic catering to people with straight or wavy hair overlooking people with afro hair and darker skin. 

Curly Hair Frizz Control

A Company Dedicated To Making Products That Curly Girls Actually Want To Buy

Many companies today including those that cater to textured hair care and darker skin are men-led or more specifically, white-male-led. Beautiful black women and men deserved beauty products made just for them, by them. Black men and women should be at the center of decision making for products catering to black hair, because they understand what it means and what it takes to create products that solve specific issues experienced by those in their community. Thus, many black entrepreneurs dove directly into building and creating brands and products targeting textured hair and dark skin. These entrepreneurs, like Shedavi’s Proprietress, Elizabeth, inspired many black owned businesses today.


Shedavi is an all minority, women of color team breaking societal stigmas of what and who it takes to run and grow a successful business. From creating products for curly girls of color with textures ranging from 3A to 4C, to testing them and sharing valuable knowledge gathered over the years, this vibrant team knows the importance of being directly involved in what we offer to all black men and women out here searching for textured hair care solutions.


Shedavi Hair Growth Oil

Started from the Duo Now We’re Here!

It’s a given that when the goal is growth, topical solutions are what comes to mind. Elizabeth recognized that while textured hair care solutions were scarce, a hair care solution targeting growth from the inside and out was nowhere to be found. She felt as though this combination will be a game changer for the beauty industry, specifically black hair care, by providing a holistic solution to those with hair growth goals or experiencing hair loss. Elizabeth also saw an opportunity to expand Shedavi further into hair maintenance so customers would have products that made hair look good and did not damage their health overall with harmful chemicals.


One Brand Serves All

Shedavi strives for you to look good, feel good and be good everyday which is why we are dedicated to providing natural, vegan, and quality products for all your hair care needs. From 1A to 4C, everyone can benefit from what Shedavi has to offer. Stay up to date with us this year for all our exciting drops for your curls, coils and more coming soon!


Contribute To Black Businesses and Education

Let’s Contribute to Excellence

As a black business woman herself who graduated from FAMU, Elizabeth has a heart for contributing to the elevation of black youth everywhere. The desire to promote excellence in education has led her to inviting the entire SheHive Community to donate! Round up your sale at checkout and donate to help progress education at FAMU. With these donations we hope our students are inspired to start new black owned businesses that support and elevate our community, give what you can today.

Shop the entire collection & donate at checkout:


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