Shedavi Customer Spotlight: Kamilah of the Mis-adventures of Puff

We are constantly impressed by our Shedavi tribe. You are a group of bosses and go-getters, taking the world by storm and looking great while doing it. We’re excited to introduce you to Kamilah, the artist behind The Mis-adventures of Puff comic. Both Kamilah and her character, Puff, love using Shedavi products, and we are sharing a behind-the-scenes look in this exclusive spotlight.

Mis-adventures of Puff

Taylor: How did you first hear about Shedavi?

Kamilah: I first heard about Shedavi through Instagram.  What made made me want to try it was that it's a small business, based in America and owned by a black woman.  This means that 100% of sales usually stay in the US. So buying Shedavi is a triple point in regards to helping the US, small "local" businesses, and black females. Secondly, Shedavi is vegan. I like that its products are tested on its intended targets, rather than animals.  Also, when reading Shedavi's ingredient lists, they were in plain, non-scientific terms so the general audience can easily see what is being used.

Taylor: You've been using Shedavi for two years. What differences have you seen in your hair, skin, and nails?

Kamilah: Since using Shedavi, my very dry scalp is no longer an issue and what little dandruff and psoriasis I have is gone. My 4C hair, is softer, stronger, and fuller. I've also noticed that my nails are stronger and less brittle.

Taylor: Shedavi made a cameo in your comic, The Mis-adventures of Puff. What was the inspiration behind the series?

Kamilah: I love The Misadventures of Puff! I started the comic because I wanted a fun way of discussing my black hair, with my (non-black) boyfriend, in a way that was not vulgar or disrespectful. Everyone has had a bad hair day. In drawing "Puff", I truly hope people can laugh, and relate to hair that seems to rebel whenever possible.

Taylor: What's your favorite Shedavi product, and what is Puff's favorite Shedavi product?

Kamilah: Our, "Puff" and my,  favorite products with Shedavi are the Hair Elixir and the Whole Food Vitamins. We nourish our hair from the inside with vitamins and protect it from the outside with the hair elixir.

Taylor: What adventures can we expect next for Puff?

Kamilah: I don't know! The sky is the limit, so stay tuned!

Follow along with the Mis-adventures of Puff here. We can’t wait to see what happens with Puff next!

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