What's up with Clarifying Shampoo?

So….let’s take some time to talk about shampoo time aka the cursed wash day. We know what you’re probably thinking. Wash day is and never will be a fun topic of discussion for anyone. Even though it can be a bit of a drag, there are still some pretty important things that you need to know about concerning your wash day. For example, after you give yourself a hardcore wash with your favorite shampoo, have you ever felt like your hair was kinda icky feeling? Have you ever noticed that it still had some leftover residue or product stuck to your strands? Contrary to what people may tell you, the problem is probably not with the shampoo that you’re using. Well, not directly because of the shampoo anyway. It has more to do with the type of shampoo that you are using. Yes, there are different types of shampoos out there in the world. You got your moisturizing shampoo, hydrating shampoo, and lastly, your clarifying shampoo. While the first two can be interchangeable at times, the clarifying shampoo really stands out from the bunch.  You can use these basic shampoos on a regular basis, but if you’re looking for a real treat for your hair, then you want to look at adding a clarifying shampoo to your monthly hair care routine. So, what’s so great about a clarifying shampoo? Keep reading to see some of the reasons that you may want to start using a clarifying shampoo on a regular basis.

  1. It will most definitely get rid of that stubborn buildup
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Between the gels, mousses, puddings, and bitters, your hair is probably full of all kinds of product. All of this product can only lead to one thing apart from some bomb looking hair—buildup. Getting rid of buildup may be the number one reason that most people turn to the use of clarifying shampoo. What makes it different from a regular shampoo is that a regular shampoo tends to have a gentle formula which only grazes the surface. A clarifying shampoo, on the other hand, gets down deep to the shaft. Think of it like putting in that extra bit of elbow grease to make something look good—that’s how a clarifying shampoo compares to a regular shampoo. Now, don’t think that product is the only thing that can get attached to the hair shaft. Anything from dirt to chlorine can also be a nuisance and not want to come off your hair.  Luckily, this is when your clarifying shampoo becomes the star and takes care of that for you.


  1. It gets your hair prepared to take on a new color
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Technically, you could say that this goes along with removing buildup, but we figured that it deserved its own section anyway. Have you ever seen someone who did a box dye on their hair and the color looks like its faded out or dimmer in some places more than others? Part of the reason could be that they did not quite know what they were doing, and the other part would be that they had too much extra gunk on their hair which prevented the color from spreading evenly. If you want the color to look smooth, then you would want to use a clarifying shampoo to get any lingering particles off your tresses.  If you want your color to look even, you’re going to need to make the strands look smooth. In this instance, using a clarifying shampoo is a lot like applying foundation to your face or putting on some nail polish. Before putting on your foundation, you need for your face to be clean and free of any excess oil or dirt if you want for the foundation to go on smooth. With your nails, you need all traces of excess nail polish or dirt to be removed so that your coat will go on nice and clump free. Now, if we have to take all these precautions before adding “color” to your face and nails, does it not make sense that the same has to go with putting color on your hair? We’re on your side here.


  1. It revamps the hair when it seems lifeless
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Now, this one is a bit of a biggie for some people. You know when your hair just will not cooperate? When you’ve gotten to where no matter what you do to your hair, it just looks like it needs some super TLC? Well, you may be in need of a good clarifying shampoo. Basically, a clarifying shampoo is a good way to start your hair completely from scratch. The idea is that when you use it, your hair will get some extra oomph to it which will allow you to start styling it again. More than likely, your hair just might be weighed down or not cooperating due to your natural oils that come from your scalp. It’s nothing that a little clarifying shampoo can’t fix!

So, now that you got the 411 on what a clarifying shampoo can do for you, you may be wondering which kind would be best for you. Ultimately, that decision is up to you and your pockets. Use some of this then follow up with some Shedavi Elixir to get the hair of your dreams!


Authored by Bianca Scott

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  • Sharon Seay On

    How do I order the clarifying shampoo?

  • Tiphanie On

    How do l order the shampoo and conditioner

  • Chandria Pettaway On

    Do Shedavi have a shampoo and conditioner line to purchase

  • Yesenia Dosal On

    Hello, My name is Yesenia and I recently purchase the Hair growth starter kit and I love it, My question is I have naturally curly hair and on March 15 I colored my hair I tried using the color treat shampoo and conditioner and my wnds are very dry and when I come or wash my hair I have a lot of strands of hair fall out, What good shampoo and conditioner is good for my curly hair

  • nancy On

    I have dreadlocks aka twist. How can I benefit from using clarifying shampoo, when elements can be trapped in-between the locks? Does the elixir help with dryness often associated with locks?

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