Question: When will my package arrive? Is there a tracking number?

 Answer: Hi! Your package will be delivered to your mailbox via USPS or DHL within 5-10 business days of placing order. You will receive an email with your tracking number once product is shipped out. If you have any issues with your package please email us at support@shedavi.com

Question: Can children use the product? Can children take the vitamin?

Answer: The vitamin has not been tested for children under the age of 12. The elixir can be used on any a person of any age.

Question: Are products available for wholesale?

Answer: Yes products are available for wholesale. Please email us at support@shedavi.com for more wholesale information and to be added to our future wholesale list.

Question: Do you give out free samples?

Answer: We do not give out free samples as you need a full month of product to see results. 

Question: Will it grow my hair or thicken my hair?

Answer: This product is designed to promote growth and thicken hair. See how it works here. https://www.shedavi.com/pages/how-it- works


Question: What are the ingredients and benefits of the vitamin?

Answer: See our awesome botanical ingredients and benefits here.


Question: What are the ingredients and benefits of the elixir/oil/spray?

Answer: See our awesome natural ingredients and benefits here.


Question: How many inches/ How much will it grow in a month?

 Answer: Growth rate is affected by many factors. An increase in growth will be visible over time if product is used as directed.


Question: How often do I use the elixir?

Answer: It is recommended that you massage this product in to the scalp for at least 3 minutes daily to see best results.

Question: How many vitamins do I have to take daily?

Answer: It is recommended that you take 1 vitamin twice daily for best results.

Question: Does vitamin have a smell?

Answer: No it does not.

Question: Are the pills hard to swallow or big?

Answer: Our vitamin is contained in a smooth vegetable capsule that is not large and easy to swallow.

Question: Is the elixir oily or will it make my hair oily? I have oily hair.

Answer: The elixir ingredients are very lightweight natural plant and nut oils. If your hair oils fast, reduce use or wash to remove buildup.

Question: Can I use this product/ elixir with braids, weave , extensions or wigs?

Answer: Yes! This product is perfect to use while protective styling your hair.

Question: How long will it take to see results?

Answer: Results may vary. However, most people see results within two weeks to a month. With consistent and long term use you will see magnificent results!

Question: Can I take product while pregnant, nursing or breastfeeding baby?

Answer: Congratulations on your bundle of joy! The elixir is safe to use at any time. We recommend that you consult a physician about vitamin when pregnant or nursing.

Question: Can I take vitamin while on medication?

Answer: The elixir is safe to use at any time. We recommend that you consult a physician about vitamin when taking medication.

Question: Can I take vitamin when using other vitamins?

Answer: The elixir is safe to use at any time. In general yes, you can take our vitamin with other over the counter supplements. However, we recommend you research ingredients to confirm there is no interaction with other supplements.

Question: Can I take vitamin when using birth control?

Answer: The elixir is safe to use at any time. From our research, the vitamin ingredients are safe with birth control. However, we recommend that you research ingredients and consult a physician when take prescription medications.

Question: Is it available or sold in stores?

Answer: Our products are available online only at this time.

Question: Do you have trial sizes of product?

Answer: We do not have trial sizes as a complete bottle is needed to see full results.

Question: Do you have free samples or can I try product for free?

Answer: We do not have free samples because a full set is needed to see results.

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