How It Works

Internal Nourishment - A healthy and balanced internal body environment is necessary for hair growth and beautiful skin. Shedavi's Herbal Hair, Skin and Nail Supplement is formulated with whole botanicals that naturally contain minerals and vitamins necessary for hair growth, glowing skin and strong nails.*

External Nourishment - The skin is the largest organ on the human body and it is designed by nature to absorb moisture and nutrients that will benefit a specific area of application. Shedavi's Hair & Scalp Elixir is the perfect topical application full of nutrients absorbable through the scalp.*

Shedavi's simple equation for your most beautiful hair ever:

Internal Nourishment + External Nourishment = Maximum Hair Health*



+ Promote full, thick, long and strong hair*

+ Improves hair elasticity*

+ Heals dry scalp & dandruff*

+ Stops breakage*

+ Reduced shedding*

+ Helps prevent split ends*

+ Grow bald spots*

+ Multivitamin formula improves immune system*

+ Stronger longer nails*

+ Clear and glowing skin*


*Individual results may vary.