Testimonial Video Request

We see that you LOVE Shedavi products and we are delighted that you are interested in recording a video testimonial to share your hair journey and results. 

Here's a few things to ensure you have the best recording:

  • Have your hair in a style where we can see the current condition and length.
  • The best way to record is on your phone. Go to your settings and ensure that it is set to at least 1080p. Position your phone vertically to record.
  • Choose to record in a comfortable location with good lighting.
  • We'd love to see a before photo of your hair as a physical print or on a secondary device like tablet, laptop, phone, etc.   


Press play on the video below to begin recording your testimonial. We will guide you through each question. You'll have plenty of chances to capture the perfect shot. We will edit to make sure you look your best so don't worry about tiny mistakes. 💛



Needing inspiration? Here's an example video we put together for you.