28 Hottest Hair Colors For Fall That You Can Try This Season

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28 Hottest Hair Colors For Fall That You Can Try This Season

Literally as if it only lasted one blink of an eye, summer is already over. The transition from warmer to colder months simply inspires us to switch up our looks, do you agree? Over the summer, we longed for brighter and lighter tones, and now with the arrival of autumn we want to be darker, richer and warmer in hair color tones. Deciding what direction to take your new look is an entirely individual decision. However, sometimes we need a little help.

Between the cool-toned browns, warm-toned blondes, and different variants of red, this fall offers us plenty of hairspiration. So, if you’re wondering what to do with your hair color for this fall, take a look at this season’s favorites and upgrade your look!

Chocolate And Brown hues

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One thing is for sure, chocolate shades remain in trend from season to season. Choosing the right shade for you depends on the undertone of your skin (warm / cold). Chocolate hues will look best with tanned skin and green, hazel or brown eyes. However, when you consider the variety of tones, it is easy to conclude that almost every woman in the world can find the shade that will flatter her the most.

These are our favorites:

  • Mocha

This autumn-inspired color involves a medium-to-deep brown base that is painted with highlights and lowlights to add dimension.

  • Chunky Highlights

This sun-kissed look looks especially good on darker skin tones, doesn’t it?

  • Cinnamon Ombré

This is one of the most beautiful warm brunette looks that will brighten up your face. Just a few cinnamon ombré pieces will make your brown hair look fuller and shinier than ever. 

  • Light Brown Highlights

Choose a light brown color, a few tones lighter than the roots for a fresh and natural look. 

  • Thick Brown Hair with Caramel Ribbons

This is one of the easiest ways to add dimension to your brown hair, while keeping things easy and low-maintenance.

  • Honey Brown

If you are a brunette who has damaged your hair by chemical processes, this is a fantastic way to change your look without being too drastic of a change from deeper tones.

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  • Chestnut Brown

Want a change without stepping out of your comfort zone? This is the ideal look for you. Keep your hair darker at the roots, and add a little lightness to the ends for some dimension.

  • Sandalwood Stripes 

If your hair is thick and dark, ask for subtle ash blonde highlights. This combination will flatter all natural hair textures.

  • E-Girl Streaks

This hairstyle is a viral hit! The combination of bleached stripes on otherwise dark hair is adored by dark-skinned beauties. Are you brave enough?

Bold Red Hair Color Shades 

Red hair is more than a color, it’s an attitude. Redheads are fun, fierce, and ready to take on the world! Not only is red hair bright and fun, but there are a number of shades to choose from depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. From copper, rich auburn, wine to bright red ruby tones, the hair color options are endless. These are the red hair color trends for 2021. 

  • Pumpkin Spice Hues

Pumpkin spice, anyone? Yes, please! With the arrival of autumn we are looking forward to everything pumpkin spice, even our hair color. The warmth of this look works wonders on thick and straight textured hair, and will leave you feeling refreshed and stylish.

  • Multi-Dimensional Red

Ask your hairdresser for subtle red highlights. They will add a nice dimension to your hair that will make you pop up wherever you appear.

  • Red Hot 

Red hot is this year’s color trend. There are many shades so talk to your hairdresser to decide whether a warmer or cooler version is right for you. 

  • Auburn

Having textured hair shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with hair colors. Richer and warmer tones such as auburn are ideal for a dewy and highlighted look.

  • Fuchsia ombré

We think there’s no better way to express your uniqueness than Fuchsia ombré. Try incorporating more fuchsia colors for a unique red ombré for a passionate black girl.

  • Ruby Red

Attract attention wherever you appear with your deep auburn and strong ruby hair color shades.

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  • Ginger Hair with Golden Tips 

If you’re a fan of natural hair colors, this ginger red is the closest to a natural-looking red color you’ll ever get.

So, if you’ve ever thought about going red, now’s certainly the time.

Golden Black 

If you have decided to darken your precious curls, go for an almost-gold undertone for your hair. This way you’ll lighten your strands while maintaining the black shade you can’t part with. * This color works wonders on tightly-wound finger coils.

Cool Silver

When you opt for gray tones, they instantly take you to a new level of cool. No wonder why women like this style so much, as it’s edgy, mysterious, and obviously stylish. You know what's best of all? You can opt for silver blonde, silver lavender or purple gray hair, depending on the color you want to play with. This could be your ideal fall color refreshment you’ve always been looking for.


Do you want to become a blonde, but are afraid of maintenance and visits to expensive hair salons? Consider bronde — a mix of blonde and brown. This is a great option because your hair can be lifted or darkened according to your base color, and the amount of depth depends on you.

Creamy Blonde 

Is blonde hair suitable for black girls? - Of course it is! While many believe that by bleaching and straightening their hair black girls are giving up their heritage, this opinion is so terribly outdated! All you need to prevent damage to your blonde hair is a proper hair care routine. (You can rely on our SHEDAVI Chemically Treated Hair Bundle.) These are our ideas for stunning blonde hair: 

  • Dark roots

If you’re a beginner with dark hair who has decided to dye your hair blonde, remember that dark roots can look fantastic when coupled with the blonde mane. In addition, this is another way to avoid frequent visits to expensive hair salons.

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  • Golden curls

The golden hue on your blonde curls will make you look like a real princess.

  • Caramel shades

Blonde doesn’t always mean platinum. The darker shades of blonde you choose - the more natural your mane can look. Choose between light brown, caramel, and honey hues.

  • Clover Honey Blonde

A pale clover honey blonde really matches the warmth of darker skin tones, and is also one of the favorite fall hair trends. This hair color creates the illusion of a full head of color and requires only half the maintenance compared to the graceful growth it will provide later.

  • Platinum Blonde

The biggest taboo when it comes to blonde hair. If done properly the contrast on darker skin tones is incredible. Platinum hair color is adored by those with an olive or golden complexion.

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  • Bombshell Blonde

This style is adorned by voluminous, honeyed, soft blonde waves with subtle root melt. 

If you are still changing your mind, try combining your natural hair color with face-framing blonde highlights to illuminate your beautiful dark skin.

Exotic hair colors

If you are tickling your imagination and looking forward to trying a new hair color, we recommend some of these exotic colors to brave ladies.

  • Rose gold 

This hair color is synonymous with fall weather, warm sweaters and coats and suits almost every black lady.

  • Cobalt blue

Cobalt blue is anything but plain. It’s a head-turner that would command the attention of an entire room, especially because it is adored by the skin tone of black beauties.

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  • Purple 

From silver purple to tropical punch purple hairstyles, this is the most sought after hair shade this season. It is bold but gives amazing looks against the darker hues, and this season is almost as popular as red.

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Finally, here are our quick tips for your colored hair care routine:

  • Wash your hair less frequently
  • Pick the right shampoo
  • Condition, condition, condition
  • Always use heat protection
  • Make time for masks
  • Allow your hair to air dry
  • Eat a balanced diet

SHEDAVI has prepared a multitude of hair care products for you that can satisfy all your needs. Click here to choose the best natural products for your hair type.

Have you already called your hairstylist? Don't be afraid to experiment. It’s amazing how changing your hair color can make you feel better and more energized. Do you have a favorite hair color for this season? Let us know in the comments section below.

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